The Real Ghost Box: This Rest Home Has a Radio That Residents Believe Speaks to the Dead

The Real Ghost Box: This Rest Home Has a Radio That Residents Believe Speaks to the Dead

A 70-year-old radio at a Scottish heritage centre has been picking up vintage broadcasts featuring Winston Churchill and the music of Glen Miller.

The Pye valve wireless at Montrose Air Station, a heritage centre that tells the story of the men and women who served there, has no power and is not connected to any source of electricity.

The aerodrome has been a source of paranormal sightings and sounds for almost a century, with reports of ghostly figures, eerie footsteps and door handles turning, but the mysterious wireless broadcasts have had even the most sceptical staff at the station searching for a rational explanation.

The vintage radio set is kept in a recreation of a 940s room. Several people have heard Second World War era broadcasts including the big band sound of the Glenn Miller orchestra and speeches by Winston Churchill. The broadcasts come on at random and can last for up to half an hour.


Technicians who examined it removed the back, but found “nothing but cobwebs and spiders”.

Bob Sutherland, a trustee of the air station heritage centre and its treasurer, said: “I have heard it playing Glenn Miller and recognised the song as At Last.

“The volume was very low but the music was quite identifiable.

“Graham Phillip, another volunteer, has heard what he was sure was Winston Churchill and others, including centre curator Dan Paton and his wife, have heard it.

“I was a wireless operator with the RAF and know a bit about them. We have also had our resident radio expert, Ewan Cameron, look at it.

“If we had a powerful transmitter in the area the radio might pick up something, but we don’t.

“It is an old Pye radio which would probably explode if it was switched on.”

Mr Phillip said: “We have all heard the footsteps and seen door handles turn but the wireless is something new and unexplainable.

“It’s not just one of us who’s heard it – most of us here have. We are talking about highly educated, reliable people.

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Maybe I’m just a cynical bastard, but this is far more interesting than most of the ghost box / frank’s box / EVP / ITC / “Telephone to the Dead” fads currently sweeping the paranormal field. Now if someone would teach these old folks how to use a videocamera..


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  1. FoeApple

    08/08/2012 at 8:56 AM

    I once heard something about saved energy or something similar like this. Its when a device that is not used often or ever can be turned on when a build up of energy is trying to be released. There are millions of ways products that are not plugged in can get power over time. Going on, they say that when a device does this it continues with what it was doing when it was turned off. I know this can be debunked but the theory is interesting to me.

    I would also like to state this has actually happened to me. On the opening night of Toy Story (which makes this much weirder) I was told to clean my room and get ready for the film. I got a toy robot along time ago and remember when I got this gift it never worked. broken. I kept it because it looked amazing. Well before I left to the movie I put the robot on my book case and started heading out of my room, I stopped when I heard unfamiliar robotic sounds. I turned around and witnessed my robot moving across my bookshelf and then reaching the end and turning off. Now here’s the best part, I never put batteries in the thing.

    Sorry for the long ass post.

    The end.

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