Fortean Bureau Of Investigation: Foos Fighters And ESP

Fortean Bureau Of Investigation: Foos Fighters And ESP


Back in late fifties, government agencies were genuinely interested in the prospect of implementing supernormal senses in the Cold War, evinced by this latest addition to the FBI’s Vault.1

It is true, of course, there are some areas and activities of the human mind which have not been explored or completely understood.2

One William Foos, his daughter Margaret, and two unnamed boys exhibited a peculiar knack for perceiving the unseen. With eyes padded with cotton balls, and covered by elastic blindfolds, they could detect colors, read books, and perform other feats some could herald as undeniable proof of extrasensory perception. With pretensions of altruism William Foos hoped to teach the blind to ‘see’ and, ultimately, drive a car using their mind alone. While on leave from his railroad job, Bill discovered his nascent talent with multiple readings from the Bible.


As word of his abilities spread, the Fooses caught the attention of the US government, hungry for an edge on the Soviets. FBI agents and military types packed a motel room at an Arlington, Virginia motel to bear witness to these abilities one sultry August day in 1957. The performance was compelling, but when the agents in attendance wanted to participate, Margaret and company would stumble.

Margaret demonstrated ability to read, distinguish colors, locate verses in the Bible, and trace handwriting. All objects read, traced or identified were placed on the table. Margaret was not successful in identifying or reading a Trip Ticket held approximately 16″ above the table.



A young man, approximate age 17, demonstrated his ability to identify ESP and playing cards before S/A [REDACTED] and one other unidentified observer. The demonstration was held in the same manner, identical blindfold and cards placed on the table. This young man was approximately 50% successful in identifying ESP cards placed face up on the table, which he was allowed to feel and flex with his hands. His success in naming cards held up before him and facing away from him even without the blindfold was very limited.3

The whole report is a hoot! Of particular interest is the FBI keeping open mind, without their brain falling out, and the applied methodologies to discover who’s wasting their time and the real magilla.

Now take a moment, imagine what parapsychological avenues these agencies might be pursuing today in the name of a “War On Terror”. Then again, why would the FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS, TSA, and other black-funded alphabet soups need newfangled cryptographic cracks and computers when ESP exists?

Open up TOR, encrypt your response with GPG, and squirt it on the CIA’s Operation Facebook, the NSA’s Project Twitter, or in our completely secure comments below!


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  1. Ryan S. McFadden

    04/10/2014 at 4:34 PM

    Telepathy is real. We, (and please believe, there are a lot of us!) are somehow able to pick up thoughts from people around us. We are not schizoid, other than being able to hear voices in our mind that do not originate from our minds. This can freak people out, them thinking that other people can read their minds, but this is not how it works. If someone is walking past me thinking about what to get for dinner tonight, I won’t hear them, but if they are around me and thinking about me, then I can. Sometimes I can hear the thoughts of actors on the tv if they are communicating psychically with each other. Yup, you read it. Also, some animals are telepathic, horses, elephants, whales and dolphins, and to a more limited extent cats and dogs. And it works like this: all life is energy. This is fact. Where energy is focused, it is received. It does not just disappear half way. If someone is focusing their energy on you you are going to feel it. What we are doing is receiving the energy that whoever we are hearing is putting out. Thoughts are energy, like everything else, so those who are sensitive to energy should be able to pick it up, and if you subscribe to the one mind, one collective consciousness theory, well then by all means we should be able to communicate on a mental level, which scientists have proven that we DO, except for actual telepathy, at least to the public awareness. This is something that I have been able to do, to my awareness and ability, for about a year now, but looking back at my life I think this gift was there all along. However, in my opinion this is more like a curse, especially if people don’t approve of you, or you make other people insecure. Please understand that we aren’t insane. Or dangerous. I cannot control you with my thoughts. I CAN however, put a thought in your head and make you think it came from yourself. Picture this, for example: I’m on a bus behind a girl I like, if I concentrate, and focus my energy, I can get her to turn a specific way. Like look out the left window, or glance out the right window, or look back at me, even if her back is facing me, without me making any sort of physical movements or any noise. When people are running autonomously, inception is easier. Picture this, you are at construction site, which for now is a city block sized hole in the ground shored up on all four sides with a big crane in the middle. You are working hard and you want your boss to see you. You look around, and notice him walking north above the hole, while you are in the middle of the hole facing west. He is walking, facing ahead, about a hundred or so feet away, and you think to him, “look at (insert your name), and he immediately turns and makes direct eye contact with you. Coincidence? Very possibly. But when things like this happen over and over again, it becomes hard to deny the possibility that we can communicate with our minds. Generally for this to happen, the people need to be connected in some way, have spent some time together, have emotional ties, etc. Trying this with some stranger whose energy you are not familiar with is much more difficult, but with training it can be done. We are not your enemies. We are not aliens. We are not demons or angels. We are scared and vulnerable human beings who are trying to live life normally, despite being able to hear all of your hate and spite for each other. Not all of you are bad, it just seems a lot of you are egocentric and overly critical. Accept life for how it is, you cannot stop it. We are not dangerous. We understand the importance of humility, peace, and love, and we wish that the rest of you will, too…

    • stacey

      04/11/2014 at 10:52 PM

      I have had a lot of the same experiences and done some of the same things as yourself, such as influencing other peoples actions and implanting thoughts etc. Though to write this down now makes me feel uncomfortable as i’m not 100% convinced this is really working. I don’t see how it could be, even though i witnessed it seem to work many times over the years.
      Part of the doing and seeing if it really did work involved a woman friend who i implanted some sexual imagery of herself and myself, with the thought of provocing a reaction. The next time she saw me she blushed madly, smiled and looked away nervously. I was astounded as i have never seen her react like that before and it further reinforced the belief that maybe there really was something in this.
      However your last statement about “we are this” etc makes you sound like you think your a member of the x-men or something. I’m still not 100% convinced this is real but will still try this out now and then to further prove to myself.

      • Ryan S. McFadden

        04/12/2014 at 10:33 AM

        Yes, the last part was a little dramatic. We is easier to say than I. I do believe in a possible genetic mutation. I am also trying to reach people like me, because I know some of the things we hear, and what other not so nice telepaths try to implant. I call it psychological terrorism. People learning what they are capable of, and them being caught up in their hate, take it out on others, possibly causing those with severe cases of schizophrenia. Just remember, all in life is belief. There is the possibility that we are able to hear more than just the living, or physical. We are enrgy int

        • Ryan S. McFadden

          04/12/2014 at 10:39 AM

          Whoops. *energy interpreters. And according to many much wider than I, there are beings of a higher plane, of pure energy, extra dimensional if you will, that we may be interacting with as well. Strengthen your mind and body, eat healthy foods, and stay away from fluoridated water. Your mind will be healthier, and your spirit will be stronger. And never use this gift for evil or personal gain. This gift comes from the awakening of the power of love within us, for the more you love someone, the more you are spiritually connected. Humility, peace, and love. Three things every human should strive for.

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