Fortean Bureau Of Investigation: Foos Fighters And ESP

Fortean Bureau Of Investigation: Foos Fighters And ESP


Back in late fifties, government agencies were genuinely interested in the prospect of implementing supernormal senses in the Cold War, evinced by this latest addition to the FBI’s Vault.1

It is true, of course, there are some areas and activities of the human mind which have not been explored or completely understood.2

One William Foos, his daughter Margaret, and two unnamed boys exhibited a peculiar knack for perceiving the unseen. With eyes padded with cotton balls, and covered by elastic blindfolds, they could detect colors, read books, and perform other feats some could herald as undeniable proof of extrasensory perception. With pretensions of altruism William Foos hoped to teach the blind to ‘see’ and, ultimately, drive a car using their mind alone. While on leave from his railroad job, Bill discovered his nascent talent with multiple readings from the Bible.


As word of his abilities spread, the Fooses caught the attention of the US government, hungry for an edge on the Soviets. FBI agents and military types packed a motel room at an Arlington, Virginia motel to bear witness to these abilities one sultry August day in 1957. The performance was compelling, but when the agents in attendance wanted to participate, Margaret and company would stumble.

Margaret demonstrated ability to read, distinguish colors, locate verses in the Bible, and trace handwriting. All objects read, traced or identified were placed on the table. Margaret was not successful in identifying or reading a Trip Ticket held approximately 16″ above the table.



A young man, approximate age 17, demonstrated his ability to identify ESP and playing cards before S/A [REDACTED] and one other unidentified observer. The demonstration was held in the same manner, identical blindfold and cards placed on the table. This young man was approximately 50% successful in identifying ESP cards placed face up on the table, which he was allowed to feel and flex with his hands. His success in naming cards held up before him and facing away from him even without the blindfold was very limited.3

The whole report is a hoot! Of particular interest is the FBI keeping open mind, without their brain falling out, and the applied methodologies to discover who’s wasting their time and the real magilla.

Now take a moment, imagine what parapsychological avenues these agencies might be pursuing today in the name of a “War On Terror”. Then again, why would the FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS, TSA, and other black-funded alphabet soups need newfangled cryptographic cracks and computers when ESP exists?

Open up TOR, encrypt your response with GPG, and squirt it on the CIA’s Operation Facebook, the NSA’s Project Twitter, or in our completely secure comments below!


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