Och Laddie, Bigfoot In Scotland? [HOAX]

Och Laddie, Bigfoot In Scotland? [HOAX]

A few days before ringing in 2014, Garry McTeague was lucky enough to catch something on his camera while taking his mutt out for walkies. Being the sensible sort, Garry shared his story, and image, with the North Muirton Community Council’s Facebook page1.

scotfootWas out with the dog this evening at the North Muirton wood at the back of Eriskay court.
My dog that’s usually timid starting going mental.
I spotted this before “it” ran off.
I was crapping myself tbh but managed to grab a quick snap on my phone.
It didn’t look much but when I got home and blew it up on the computer I spotted this. I’ve circled it in red so you know what I’m getting at. Anyone else seen/know what this is?

Turns out this was just a hoax. Our geniuses at Facebook pointed out a similar picture was posted in October2. Plus I completely missed the obvious of a winter Scotland being lush and green.

Mea culpa.




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