On Peer Review for Ghost Hunters: A Case Against "Paranormal Unity"

On Peer Review for Ghost Hunters: A Case Against “Paranormal Unity”

We all have our own opinions on what credible evidence is, and what methods to use in paranormal research, and some of it not only has no common ground, but is also a completely opposing viewpoint. “Choose your side even if you’re the only one on it”.

Just as in mainstream politics, although we may listen to the views of an opposing candidate, we don’t lend our support to them, paranormal research shouldn’t be any different. One paranormal investigator showing unity with another merely because they are a paranormal investigator is like a Democratic candidate showing unity with a Republican because they happened to be a politician.

Unconditional paranormal unity is counter productive; it is just an ill-thought-out buzz word. Why show unity with people that continually post false or easily discredited evidence or demonstrate questionable investigative methods? It reflects badly on anyone that associates with them. Not only should you not be unifying with them, you should be actively working against them and the negativity that they promote.

Respect needs to be earned, not automatically given without justification. This is the only way that credibility can be restored to the paranormal field, not by mutual toleration of everyone’s ideologies no matter how illogical or scientifically invalid they are. And if you can’t take personal criticism of your own beliefs, what that really means is that you haven’t enough evidence to justify them, not just to others, but more importantly to yourself. If you have one opinion and someone else has another which contradicts yours, you clearly think that the other person is wrong. And presumably the other person believes they are right and you are wrong.


As we obviously don’t all agree on the methodology, objectives and techniques regarding paranormal investigation, we can’t all be right, but the people with evidence to back up their statements are going to be “more right” then someone that can’t. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t entitled to an opinion; everyone is, including the other person that believes that an opinion is wrong.

The mainstream scientific communities aren’t all united in one method and theory, and it’s the diversity and the conflict that is created as a result, that has enabled some of their greatest advancements. It is disunity that pits one set of ideologies against another and gives each the incentive to attempt to prove their own beliefs, over that of someone else’s. The battles to prove germ theory, nuclear fusion, and evolution, were fought and won, not through mutual cooperation but through a war of words and technology backed up with evidence. Each conclusion reached ultimately not as a result of propaganda, but because it was the best method to solve the problem presented. In both instances alternative explanations and methods were met with strong opposition, but it was people working not only to promote their own opinions, but actively working to disprove the opinions of others that caused such breakthroughs. In paranormal investigation it is about applying the best tools to the job and some of the tools simply don’t fit.

It is not merely a numbers game; it is about the credibility of the evidence being presented. If you wish to follow scientific protocol regarding the paranormal, part of that process is peer review. If you have a public presence, even if that is just a website then the general public become your peers whether you wish them to or not. In many cases they may choose to reject the evidence presented because it is poorly researched, of questionable validity or defies logic. Most of the general public are not scientists, but they can accept and understand science when it is presented to it, because of the logic of the methods behind it, and the credibility of those that do the research. Logic and credibility are traits that cross many barriers, but the consequence is that when it is missing, the entire community it originates from will suffer as a result.

Paranormal individuality doesn’t mean you can’t research and exchange information with others, but it does mean you can be selective what method, theory and evidence you chose to accept. And it won’t stop you from listening to other people’s opinions and ideas, if you did that, how could you possibly criticize them? How much of joining, a family, network, or crew, is actually just a propaganda tool for the people that started them. And when it’s related to a group that has a T.V show, or puts on high profile events, who actually joins for the unity and who joins for the reflected glory? Instead of relying on someone else to open doors for you, why not try to open them yourselves ? When your not bound by anyone else’s rules or protocols you can still learn from them, but only if you chose to do so, rather then having them inflicted upon you by being a member of a group that imposes them.

Editors Note: Graphic removed.



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  1. RCPS-Bill

    12/15/2008 at 6:17 AM


  2. Amanda

    12/15/2008 at 6:45 AM

    Hello Tony. I am Amanda, co-founder of the Nightwatchers. I read your blog and I do in fact respect your opinion. I give you kudos for such thought provoking blog. I think many are missing the point in why the Nightwatchers were started in the first place. The group was started to bring people with a common interest together. We socialize, investigate together, post evidence so others can review it, we bare our life problems for help, joke around, we are a small community. All we do is offer advice for those who want learn more about the paranormal. Help people get started with a group if they wish to join one. Help get people in places they couldn’t otherwise afford to investigate. And give people a place to come to talk about things. We let people have their opinions, thoughts, and beliefs what ever they may be as long as it doesn’t hurt others. I see you posted that maybe paranormal investigators shouldn’t work together? And Paranormal Unity is a buzzword? I think there are different levels of investigators. Some of them are in it for more personal experiences. Some people are looking for proof of something otherworldly. Others already believe in ghosts or whatever you call them. Some people don’t and that’s why they want to know more. There are so many levels on this its unreal. I think it’s all OK. Whatever someone wants to do and where ever they feel like they need to be of fit in is their thing. If its with the Nightwatchers or if it’s solo. If they post they saw their dead aunt Bessy with no photo graphic evidence, sure its hard to believe. But to me they believe it. It was their experience. not mine. Who am I to say they didn’t? Understanding the whole field of the paranormal is in fact about trial and error and in reality no one even if they claim to be an expert really 100% knows anything about it. The Nightwatchers just choose to journey together in the search. However they want to do it is fine with me. I have to retort and say however, I do not think anyone of the dozens of Nightwatchers I have met on investigations is an idiot. Not one. Respect and integrity as well as unity are our motto, or buzzwords. Sorry if people don’t like it.


    • Lori

      08/27/2012 at 7:30 AM

      I agree with what you said about paranormal unity. I could not have written it like you did, and I appreciate you writing it. You did it so nicely and I appreciate it. Thank you so much Amanda

  3. Lodema

    12/15/2008 at 8:59 AM

    Very well said.

  4. Brandy of SPIRITS of St. Petersburg

    12/15/2008 at 10:03 AM

    To a certain degree, I do agree. To a certain degree, I don’t.

    Paranormal Unity, as I interpret it, is finding groups and individuals with whom one can interact in a peaceful manner; to agree to disagree, if you will. In today’s paranormal field, there is nothing but cattiness and anger. It is entirely subjective to individual interpretations. The range of interpretation falls from religions to pseudoscience (sorry, guys, but that’s what this is), from those with academic backgrounds to the everyman. With the “fad” aspect of the paranormal, this field has exploded into a thousand different interpretations. NONE of them seem to get along.

    I’m a professor. I get my pay for thinking outside of the box and trying to teach my students the same. I’m working on the dissertation portion of my PhD. I’m an artist; I have degrees in Religion, History, Classics, and (more or less) Humanities. My PhD is in Education and Leadership. Talk about subjectivity! I’m used to this sort of thing. However, nowhere have I ever EVER experienced so many attacks — of a PERSONAL nature — than in paranormal investigation.

    If I disagree with a brother or sister within the paranormal field, it’s more of a professional interpretation (though, admittedly, mixed with some personal as this is a hobby for me). I disagree with your theory. By what basis did you arrive at this conclusion? Where is the research? The experience? (If it comes from TAPS, I do have to refrain from that personal aspect. My answer is that TAPS/Ghost Hunters is *AN* interpretation of data, not *THE* interpretation. Yet, the response that I get has INVARIABLY been a personal attack. Time and again, these come back as attacks on my character — malicious and nasty, and containing NOTHING whatsoever to do with the field or the original topic of discussion. I have been left reeling by groups and people. What IS this that we can’t simply have a discussion? Or agree to disagree?

    I could understand if I was hostile. I am direct in my responses. However, I never attempt to tear down, destroy, or belittle. I simply am curious to know the source of information. If I was nasty, I would not teach as many classes or work with as many students as I do. It’s not my goal, anyway, to do this sort of thing. Life is already hard enough to produce more negativity.

    My question now is WHY can’t we do this? Why is there no way to discuss information or differences? Why are there barriers between groups and people? To me, Paranormal Unity does NOT mean “becoming one” (“We will assimilate you”)….that’s not the point. If the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg wanted to fold in with a crowd, we’d join up with the numerous groups out there trying to form “national teams” (PROOF, TAPS, FPR, etc.). We only want to investigate, find other friendly groups with which we can interact, talk, agree/disagree, and be able to walk away from a meeting without knives in our backs.

  5. Regan Lee

    12/15/2008 at 10:44 AM

    Excellent. And everything you say can be applied to UFO studies as well.

  6. Stu-RMPRS

    12/15/2008 at 11:03 AM

    Nicely done Tony!

  7. WISP-Rick

    12/15/2008 at 11:20 AM

    Good ol Bill, a man of few words! lol. I on the other hand, couldn’t agree with you more and what I really have to say about this group couldn’t be summed up in a single word, and all this coming from a member of said group. I could write an essay on what I think, what I have seen and what I have experienced there. A word to the uninformed, if you get an invite, run, don’t walk to the nearest doorway to reality!

  8. Lisa Abney HSPR

    12/15/2008 at 11:31 AM

    Great article, I do believe in unity but each team needs to decide how they investigate and not be made to feel belittled if their methods are “out of the ordinary”. If it works for you than roll with it.

  9. Nopaosak

    12/15/2008 at 11:42 AM

    Very nice work. Rather than forcing a single perspective, just encourage transparency. Sharing encourages people to monitor and edit their own behavior before it enters the public forum. In an ideal world I guess.

  10. Chasing Midnight

    12/15/2008 at 12:33 PM

    Just for people’s information, the article wasn’t directed at one particular group as there are many groups and organizations that I disagree with. Just as there are many people and organizations that disagree with my views.

  11. Ghost Buck

    12/15/2008 at 1:15 PM

    Nicely put. Recently, I was faced with a dilemma as the senior report writer for our group. We had been presented with a picture faked by another group at a site as “evidence” that they had paranormal activity. We debated long and hard about exposing the fraud in our report with some of our managers arguing for “unity” and “goodwill” and saying we should ignore the fakery. Luckily, those expressing the moral standpoint that fake photographs should be exposed won out and we included the information in our formal report. However, even more troubling than the “feel good” unity advocates are those who believe their particular mode of investigation (whatever it may be) should be imposed upon others. These folks not only want a wall of solidarity in the community but also want to dictate the methods, protocols, and theories studied. That is even more troubling.

    Yet, none of the “unifiers” does the first thing that could help advance the field which is to establish a peer reviewed journal to publish scientific research by top groups and researchers. That would be the greatest thing anyone could do for the field.

  12. Amanda

    12/15/2008 at 2:00 PM

    I know you didn’t really mean to attack the Nightwatchers as a whole. Even though there is a trademarked graphic with our logo on it. And I do think I saw the word idiots? To me I am taking it as you are calling all my close friends idiots. I mean in my opinion again, if some one is going to voice their opinion and state a wrong doing in the field of the paranormal I am all for that. Bring it out. If some one fakes evidence and lies, by all means bring it out. But if people are doing it to stir up the pot, point fingers, and call names, are they not the problem? Are they the ones who are spreading negativity? New people who want to get involved in this field see the name calling and immaturity and run. What if they can contribute? This is not high school. We let everyone think what they want in the group. Only if it hurts someone do we step up and say, wait. I mean really, is there something wrong with trying to bring positive vibes into this? Something wrong with making friends and sharing experiences? Because that is all we are doing. Spreading a positive message and we are attacked over and over. The bottom line is we have not done anything to anyone. But here we are again being called idiots? Am I offended? Yes. Please take down that logo. If your going to insult us use your own creativity and make your own. Its simple, if you don’t like what we do or how we do it, just simply don’t bother with us. It’s that easy. I don’t see us doing some kind of injustice in the world? We are just some regular people who want to meet other people and do some investigating. No agenda. I would like to invite those who think we are faking evidence, trying to assimilate people, or whatever it is we are doing wrong to call in and be a guest on the show. It won’t be an attack session. It will be a discussion. That way your side can be heard. The tones of the typed word are misinterpreted so easy. [email protected] is my email. You are more then welcome. I really wish someone who disagrees with the Nightwatchers would come on. Everyone has a voice.


  13. WISP-Rick

    12/15/2008 at 2:36 PM

    “We let people have their opinions, thoughts, and beliefs what ever they may be as long as it doesn’t hurt others.”

    And therein is the problem and proof of what the author said is true. If I have to “kiss the backside” of people who are blatently wrong in their evidence, their techniques and their conclusions, then this field will go nowhere. they will continue on putting out bad data and giving this field a bad reputation. We have too many fly-by-nite teams tramping up people’s homes, people’s businesses and people’s lives now, and when we don’t call them out, we ADD to the problem! I know there are a lot of different ways to go about this and I respect each one because we don’t know which is right or which is wrong at this point. But lets face it, the orb subject is a done deal and people just refuse to accept it. Why then must I ohhhhh and ahhhhh when another dust orb photo is posted just so I don’t hurt their feelings? We are adults here right?

  14. Ro

    12/15/2008 at 4:16 PM

    [deleted] isn’t the only one throwing around “paranormal unity”. Even though his name is mentioned, anyone who’s been up on occurrences in the community will know that it isn’t about him only.

  15. Anita Brown

    12/15/2008 at 5:32 PM

    My research group, OHIO~RIP, is actually designed to promote paranormal unity and has worked quite well. Its members consist of investigators and founders from four different paranormal investigation groups, and not all of us have the same opinions and techniques. In this group I have learned much and made some amazing friends along the way. In my opinion, paranormal unity means that those in the field (regardless of what team, family, or whatever that they belong to) are working toward a common goal–that goal is to move the field forward. Unity does not have a thing to do with everyone agreeing on the same theories, techniques, etc. It has to do with everyone dropping the competition between groups and growing up long enough to sit down and compare notes and find answers. Adults should be quite capable of doing that and having different opinions at the same time. The only people in the field that I feel should not be worked with are those that are proven to be fraudulent. I have discussed cases with other groups in my area that have very different opinions and techniques than I do, and have learned quite a bit that I wouldn’t have left myself open to in the closed-off competitive world I saw when I first came into this field. I have seen plenty of investigators who feel that their group is the only one that is right, that they can’t share cases or theories or ideas, and those individuals have gotten nowhere. One of these people even went so far as to accuse friends and former colleagues of attempting to steal cases and group members because they chose to talk to him. I am surprised that this particular individual didn’t stamp his case files “TOP SECRET”–that is how ridiculous it became. I just think that promoting disunity is negative, and negativity will get us nowhere. When I see someone coming from a competitive standpoint, I actually see that person as being the one out for self-promotion rather than the ones that promote unity. Worrying about what everyone else is doing seems to be a big problem within the field as well–there are so many hours spent bashing each other on the internet that could actually be spent on the paranormal…those that spend a lot of time bashing others worry me as well. I have to wonder why they aren’t spending that time doing something useful in the field–I question if they are actually investigators or gossip columnists. I know no one that is both. The bottom line, to me, is that none of us have to become a bunch of clones or give up our individuality in order for us to get along and work together like adults. Those of us that are truly seeking answers and not fame should have no problem with that.

  16. RCPS-Bill

    12/15/2008 at 8:51 PM

    Even the phrase, “paranormal unity” doesn’t have a sure definition. The same as anything else in the field we work in. I’m all for teams sharing research, arguments, thesis’ and the like. but as previously mentioned, I as well refuse the ass kissing bull crap. I’m still confused as to when this field became all about the investigators and not about them seeking the help. I am a man of few words as Rick mentioned, why? Cause anything I say will get twisted one way or another, just like this field, the original meaning will get lost. The only thing worth saying is to please Think for yourselves.

  17. WISP-Rick

    12/15/2008 at 9:49 PM

    The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress.
    – Joseph Joubert

  18. GHOST-PA

    12/16/2008 at 7:26 AM

    So does this mean I should unify with the anti-unity crowd? But if unity is bad how do I do that? And if the anti-unity crowd is indeed unified in their anti-unity stance, are they idiots too?

    Humor aside, I do agree with Tony’s article for the most part. It is pretty funny from my perspective though. The “unifier” preaching love and tolerance at all costs including common sense and sanity versus the militant “independent” shouting “think for yourself, just like we tell you or you’re stupid”.

    Maybe we should all just ignore everyone? 😉

  19. Amanda

    12/16/2008 at 7:44 AM

    Thank you Anita. That was my vision as well. I am asking once more remove Nightwatchers graphic and Todd Sheets name. If its about all of them they why single us out? And why use Todds Name? Do you people even know Todd? Has anyone besides Rick or Bill even talked to Todd? And Actually I am surprised either one of you are not asking the same because you are personal friends of his. I mean I am always up for debate on paranormal unity and what it means. I will always listen when someone has a problem. And I will always consider anothers point of view because I am only human and I don’t know everything and I don’t always see every angle. But when you drag names through the mud and single us out it pisses me off. Especially when you claim its not about us? You thing I’m stupid? WTF? Todd and I work hard. And its pissing me off. This crap right here is why the paranormal community in a whole bites. People can’t debate without attacking.

  20. I’m on the fence about this. I agree 100% with this: ” I’m all for teams sharing research, arguments, thesis’ and the like. but as previously mentioned, I as well refuse the ass kissing bull crap. I’m still confused as to when this field became all about the investigators and not about them seeking the help.”

    One of the reasons we formed TIPS and have a Group in the Spotlight thread is to do our best to bring groups together, and post ideas. It’s been an uphill climb. My personal DREAM is to see the paranormal be proven to have a basis in scientific fact. But we do not, under any circumstances, support fakes, and we mods and admins fully believe those TV shows are in it for ratings, and we say so.

    Another great article!!

  21. Christina

    12/16/2008 at 4:06 PM

    I am not going to write a book here. Just simply say nice blog! And I think you hit a few points right on. Thanks.

  22. GHOST-PA

    12/16/2008 at 10:25 PM

    What, the promoters of free thinking and humor in the paranormal didn’t appreciate my comment to point of removing it after it was approved? And I agreed with the article! Your blog, your rules. I get it. But can you see the irony of totally pulling a “para-celeb” move on an anti-celeb blog? Too funny! Like I said before – think for yourself just like we tell you or your an idiot – that is how I see your message and it’s as crazy to me as all the other nutty shit you guys rail against, rightfully so. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. 🙂

  23. GHOST-PA

    12/16/2008 at 10:31 PM

    And now it’s back? Either your blog is weirding out or something else is going on. If my comment disappearing was unintentional then disregard the prior comment. Not because I regret saying what I did, but that it would really be applicable anymore. Please, restore my faith in your sense of humor!

  24. Vaughn

    12/16/2008 at 10:59 PM

    I have to agree with the article, and say `Yes, complete unity in the paranormal field would be a counterproductive thing.` Afterall, Tony was right in saying that the best breakthroughs come from people opposing established theories with supposedly radical ideas. So, of course, investigators should voice their opinions against theories, methods, or other opinions that they don’t agree with. However, all I’ve been seeing is total chaos in the field. People seem to be spending more time arguing with each other and trading insults instead of comparing evidence and such. Somebody, like myself, just coming into the paranormal field sees all this conflict, and wonders how they can even find a few base methods or theories to work with in their own investigations when group A says group B is doing things all wrong, but group C is saying group A doesn’t know what they’re talking about and you should listen to group D. I admit, I’m hardly experienced in the ways of paranormal investigation since my interest is only a couple years old, and I’ve been focused on my writing instead; but from what I can see, any newcomer to the field that isn’t affiliated with an established individual, team, or organization would be lost in a sea of fighting.

    In conclusion? I think everybody should challenge each other to find evidence for their belief and everybody should help to point out when evidence has been faked, but everybody should also respect the right to investigate and theorize, even if they turn out to be wrong.
    If anything I typed doesn’t make sense, I apologize. I wrote this on a whim.

  25. Cooch (admin)

    12/16/2008 at 11:23 PM

    Sorry GHOST-PA, I’m not really sure what happened there. The comment filtering system is only in place to keep spam out, and it’s worked pretty well so far. If the comments ever look off, try refreshing your browser cache, that usually does the trick.

    Trust us, we aren’t trying to pull a “para-celeb” on anyone.

    As far as all the “nutty-shit” that we’re rallying against? We cite our sources. You might be content with crazed idiots peddling snake oil and bad information, but we aren’t. If you didn’t get the point of the case against unity, I’m not really sure that we can explain it any better for you. I think most people understood the article for what it was – “A Case Against Unity.” It wasn’t about [deleted] or [deleted] specifically, it was about the whole “cult of unity” if you will. The graphic was used simply because of it’s recognizability and the fact that Sheets and Tightwatchers are the biggest proponents of the idea. They also seem to keep changing the definition of “unity” to suit their needs.

    This was never a “conform to not conforming” thing, as we don’t govern any kind of group (a la [deleted]) and tell them that they can fuck off if they hurt someone’s feelings. I mean, we’re all just a bunch of dumb/jealous/childish/(insert adjective here) kids with a shitty blog right? What’s everyone so worked up about?


  26. GHOST-PA

    12/17/2008 at 4:18 PM

    Hey Cooch,

    No apology is necessary. I am a web developer by trade so I understand.

    Um, you guys do rally against “nutty shit” and rightfully so. That’s what makes this blog interesting and why I read it. I also agreed with the original article. I’m confused by your comment.

    Lighten up. No one is “worked up” except maybe the people who’s graphic you messed with. The sentiment of my original post was more humorous than serious. I thought you guys would get that. Apparently I was wrong. Sorry.

    I “get” the point of the article. I was trying to point out that from my perspective the so-called “cult of unity” and the “cult of anti-unity” are starting to look equally crazy in the eyes of some people in the middle or outside observing both extremes and going WTF? It’s honestly starting to seem a little silly to me now. Of course you guys being near the end of one of those extremes might have a hard time seeing that.

    GHI has always had a good message. It’s your delivery of that message that sometimes gets distracting to some people. Personally, I think your message is important enough to make it accessible to everyone although I know that is not your style or “niche” as it were.

    For the record I don’t belong to Nightwatchers or any other paranormal organizations at all because I don’t agree with half of them and the others are simply nuts. I prefer to be independent. I also don’t know who Todd Sheets is nor do I care. Call out all charlatans and frauds you can. I’m all for it. I read this blog don’t I? Just realize the method that you choose to do that could end up making you look and sound just like them to some people.

    Sorry for the book. I think that explains the original humorous point I was trying to make.

  27. WISP-Rick

    12/18/2008 at 3:43 AM

    in Todd’s defence, I believe his vision was good. The problem is, being he is ubber busy, he left the day to day dealings with those that may not share his vision exactly. I’ve met Todd, he’s been in my home several times and he’s a great guy and a good friend. He gave many people, who could not join a local group due to several reasons, the chance to investigate some awesome places, myself included. But Todd has a big heart and hasn’t learned that old adage…you can’t please all the people all the time and he has been taken advantage of on several occasions, not only by members of the group, but also by para-celebs. I’m not sure if the other groups are having the same problems Todd is dealing with. This is a new group, with new ideas and there are bound to be bugs and he is finally coming around and I think in the end it will be a great place for people who share a common interest to meet and share ideas. But I don’t think that will happen in the near future until Todd takes over the day to day operations. Anyone who has owned a business can atest to the fact that hiring good management is not always an easy task. I think once the growth spurt has settled down, and Todd has some time, he can start weeding out the ones who are currently on a power trip and get some people in there that share his dream. Unity in it’s present form may be contradictory to what it is we are tryin to accomplish, but thru trial and error and some luck, I think the concept will turn out to be progressive to the field.

  28. Floyd Ackerman

    12/19/2008 at 4:46 AM

    OK, for the record, I came here out of curiosity, to see what the deal was after finding it on a google search looking for news on my buddy Todd. You people are pathetic. Cooch, why don’t you ever ask anyone involved with Todd or Nightwatchers anything? Why do you people always go around and shoot off at the mouth? You claim they keep changing the idea of Nightwatchers but I see no such thing anywhere. You are the same creeps who attacked the man over on Myspace for a year while all he did was tell you the SAME things over and over and from what I saw, he even tried to be friends with you bastards. Again I ask, why not just talk to the people you trash when they try and talk? I remember Todd even invited you to talk to him face to face. That was on one of your long Myspace blogs that called him out about 3 months ago I think. Maybe 4.

    GHOST-PA, don’t be fooled by these assholes. They sit and point fingers and Bullshit and throw out shit on innocent people. They twist facts and outright lie about people. They never talk to anyone they attack to find out truth, the just assume things. As for the Polonia Brothers, I like some of their stuff and I am very sad about the bad news. It is sad to lose someone who loved Horror movies as much as we do. As for the “legendary Horror” thing, Todd did not write it, an agent did and he is not at all like that. He is humble and ego free. This website could use some of THAT attitude. Good luck on your new movie. At least Todd Sheets, unlike these pricks, would watch it. GHI does not have a good message. As a matter of fact, as I look around this site, it is all bad shit slung at everyone. Show me the good message. This is like a rag tabloid for the lowest common denominator of people. This is mullet heaven for Paranormal Investigators, the slums, the trash pit, the trailer park.

    For the record, I have worked for Todd on and off for a few years and he is genuine, honest and upstanding. More than I can say for you. I also know him well enough to know that you keep pushing the man, things can get rough. He is one of the nicest guys I know, but enough is enough. Why pick on a guy who has done nothing wrong? You fake fuck hide behind a computer bastards need to get lives. You say it was not about any one group, yet the tags in place say Todd’s name, Nightwatch and Nightwatchers. You also used his graphics. You talk like we are all stupid and I guess from what I am reading here, some of these people are. Of course you attacked him and his friends. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a blind fool. Maybe if you people had your picture posted here with the word IDIOT on it you would get it. And then to be told it has nothing to do with you even though your photo and name are used. Right.

    I hope he sues your asses off and takes you out. But he may not do anything at all. The guy was in a damned accident a month or so ago that really did some damage and he has been out of it. I have not been able to reach him so I was searching for some updates. I hope he doesn’t hear about this shit. You pathetic losers just can’t leave people alone! That’s the right thing to do, way to go, kick a man when he is down! Good job!

  29. Chasing Midnight

    12/19/2008 at 9:26 PM

    Where’s the graphics, cant the “idiots” take a joke?

  30. Jeff Stewart

    12/20/2008 at 8:51 AM

    As always’ good work Tony!

  31. Kelli Ryan

    12/29/2008 at 1:05 AM

    Thank you for a rational commentary which is rare in the paranormal community these days. I have always been a member of the spiritual /healing community and was disappointed by how para-celebrities [what on earth is that title?] behave. I am over 50 and remember when this field was called spiritualism and then the supernatural and then the metaphysiccal…now I’m learning how to say PARANORMAL…the ghosts still look and sound the same. Greed is a toxic componant in any field…look what it has done to medicine. It is a crying shame the paranormal field has fallen prey to this demon. Every twenty years the terminology changes and the guy who who uses the new jargon becomes the new formost expert in the field. I’ve been looking at this for 50 years. The paranormal field began when the first guy on the planet died and the first medicine man started selling snake oil and fear. I suppose this is just another case of “If it works, don’t fix it…” The snake oil still smells the same…kinda like excreta of the male bovine…you get the picture. Keep up the good work WF. Kell

  32. sjs13

    12/30/2008 at 5:55 PM

    Such a brilliant piece! Tony hit it right on the head, as usual.

  33. Justin Villarreal

    01/02/2009 at 9:04 PM

    I think all unity, like this perspective, is mostly of the individual’s ideas. And “individual” can mean a person or group perspective. That itself holds it’s own paradigm of understanding on those particular scales of thought. To say unity in general is not good, that’s just being a shade of ignant!

    Ignant I mean in the most base of the word’s definition. To Ignore. Ignore the fact that in every aspect of our consciousness is all about “unity”. From family to Friends. From employee to company. From Company to Economy. Economy to Government. Ah! We come to government in in the second paragraph. LOL, some “unity” brought us to this point. But, as we can see “unity” is involved in any aspect. So, most definitely it is involved with government and choices. Money! That unifies politicians together. Power! That also unifies individuals. I say individuals cause you don’t have to be a politician to desire these as well. Not even really a need to choose sides when you got something that will “unify” you.

    I don’t think I need to go deeper in the paranormal aspect of unity. Just like everything in life, we are compelled with being part of something. You’re gonna have pros and cons. If humans are involved in anything, you’re gonna have duality in any aspect from physical to metaphysical. Take that last sentence and let that marinate in your thoughts for a long time!

    In the “scientific” aspect of things. As we went over previously, humans will always add “pros and cons” in some thought process. But, science is what bridges the gap with everything. Through our advancements in sciences, we have come closer to the “The Unified Theory”! Ever heard of “Quantum Mechanics”? That itself is just scratching the layer of understanding the sub-atomic world. So, I think “unity” is something what the scientific community really wants. I would hope so! That would be sad if we didn’t share our experiences with one another. In any community at that!

    But, sharing experiences and data was not really the argument of this writer’s perspective on “unity”. It was really in judgment of one’s credibility and methods. Which partially is true. You don’t have to unite with someone because of how they operate. But, that is not the case entirely, some of our family, friends and coworkers would not necessarily be involved in aspects of our lives. Which brings us back to the individuals perspective on “unity”.

    So, it’s how we look at “unity”. Well, maybe we need to go back with thinking like scientists. Since they have come up with this “Unified Field Theory” thingy. We are scientists you know!? I mean experiencing and reacting is learning. And sometimes we ignore what we experience. Ignorance- “what a damn ego trip!” We just need to become more “aware”!

    Unity needs a base. We find truth when everything can fit together to make the big picture. Education! Becoming aware of “Quantum Mechanics” just might bridge the gap! It involves everything! Holds no judgment! Can’t help usher in a new thought process on a stagnant pseudo-science. New Year. New Hope!

    Justin Villarreal
    Founder of L.C.G.H.
    [email protected]

  34. Jimmy Werewolf Smith

    03/22/2009 at 7:09 PM

    Good Read….Cool

  35. Roux

    04/09/2009 at 2:17 PM

    cool. I think P.U. in it’s gelatinous form stinks. This article has inspired me to bust free of the paranormal bandwagon.
    Thank you !!!!

  36. Mr Halfhand

    04/20/2009 at 5:25 PM

    There seems to be an inordinate amount of competition and agendas based on ego and delusions of stardom albeit the fact that the concept of the “Paranormal Team” that was based on the TAPS/GHI model is becoming cliche’ …

    This community was founded on discord and dysfunction and so shall it remain until a renegade rewrites the rules (me) …

    Barek Halfhand

  37. Paranormal Unity Tour

    08/13/2010 at 9:24 AM

    The definition of unity is “the state or fact of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole”. I think many so called “leaders” of the field mislead people when they speak of unity in it. Unifying the field is not trying to bring it to one opinion or thought process. That is absurd. Yet when you ask the “leaders” of this field their immediate response is “unity is a great thing, but it will never happen”.

    You would be hard pressed to find any aspect of your life that unity hasn’t or doesn’t touch. The car you drive has been touched by a dozen or more groups that unified. Your kids played soccer on a team that unified under an association. I hardly think that every manufacturer of aluminum cans agrees with the practices of all other can manufactures. Yet they unified. Visit any AA meeting, you will find 50 people with 50 opinions, unified for a common goal, sobriety.

    Once you get past the decades of misinformation that has been spoon fed to us by the so called “leaders” of this field, you will begin to understand the benefits of unifying for the right reasons. Unifying the field “as parts of a whole” simply means millions of ideas or opinions being brought together under one association to advance science and build respect with the mainstream. That is what associations do. They work as the bridge builder between the aluminum can manufactures and the public. Do they all agree on how to make a can? I hardly think so. However through their collaboration they have made manufacturing aluminum cans more efficient, safer, and greener. So why are we being told that we will never agree on anything so stop talking unity it’s counterproductive?

    As in every association or group that unified, there are bad apples in the bushel. That’s why associations have charters and basic guidelines that must be met to become a member. So an argument based on “bad apples” doesn’t hold water either. Members can be removed just as easily as they are accepted. The association is only as good as the charter it is founded on.

    I challenge you to tell me one aspect of your life that isn’t touched in some way by unity. Why do people in this field believe that we can’t or wont unify? It is not a matter of if we unify, it is more in the lines of when will we. Will it be when we begin to be sued by our clients? Will it be when our governments start regulating us? Will we be proactive or reactive to policies that affect us?

    Unity is NEVER a bad thing people when the group that organizes the unification does it for the right reasons. The advances in science alone, through full collaboration, is worth any effort in unifying this field. So don’t give up on the hope that unity will happen sooner than later. It will happen. It has happened in nearly every other aspect of your daily life.

  38. Robyn

    08/27/2012 at 11:05 AM

    Great article Tony

  39. Katie

    09/15/2012 at 4:52 PM

    I am curious as to how many paranormal groups formed in the last 6-7 years that “Ghost Hunters” has been on TV. How many of us were active in the field before a TV show made it popular? There have been researchers in this field for many decades but how many are included in this “paranormal unity” idea? Do they even want to be included? How many of us relative “newbies” have seriously contributed to the field other than a few photos or recordings? I’m not trolling, I swear. I suppose my point is, are we taking ourselves too seriously? Are we hurting people more than helping? Sometimes I wonder.

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