The Stars of TLC's 'Kindred Spirits' Want to Solve Your Family Haunting

Haunted by the Ghost of a Loved One? The Stars of TLC’s Hit Series ‘Kindred Spirits’ Want to Help


It’s not uncommon for the spirits of deceased loved ones to return and say a final goodbye after they’ve passed, but what do you do when the ghosts won’t leave? For many people haunted by family members, it’s a difficult problem with no clear solution. Fortunately, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, two of the most prominent paranormal investigators in the field, have dedicated themselves to helping solve family hauntings, and now’s your chance to get them on your case.

Bruni and Berry, who made a name for themselves as fan favorites on Ghost Hunters, began their quest to help families of the haunted shortly after leaving the SyFy Channel series in 2014. On October 21, these cases premiered on TLC’s Kindred Spirits, quickly solidifying the series as one of the best new paranormal reality shows on television, and easily the most touching. Whether they were helping families come to terms with tragedy or helping spirits relay messages to those they left behind, Kindred Spirits brought the heart back to paranormal investigation.


Now, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are looking for more families to help in 2017. The duo just took to social media to let their followers know that they were accepting new cases from people who believe that a friend, family member, or other loved ones may be haunting them.

“If you are experiencing a haunting you believe to be a loved one, you’re desperate for answers and would like Adam and I to come investigate, please send me a message..” Bruni wrote on Facebook. “While we mostly serve the New England area, we will travel under special circumstances.”

Does this mean we can expect a second season of Kindred Spirits? While there’s been no announcement from TLC on whether or not the series is returning, the success of Kindred Spirits‘ first season makes it seem like a no-brainer.

Either way, the duo’s announcement is great news for families looking to get answers about the paranormal activity in their homes from a team of well-respected investigators, ones who truly understand what their clients are going through.

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry on TLC's Kindred Spirits

“We take people through the entire case from start to finish,” Bruni told me. “We try and turn it into more of a case study by investigating over and over again, doing really heavy research, and then at the end we don’t just walk away and say, ‘yep your house is haunted – see ya!’ We tell them how to deal with it, and I think thats an important element that has been missing from ghost hunting for a long time.”

If you believe that your home or business may be haunted by the spirit of a loved one, you’re encouraged to email [email protected] with your story, or send the details via private message to her official Facebook page.

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