Man Records Frightening "Alien" Sounds Emanating From Rhode Island Forest

The Arrival: Man Records Frightening “Alien” Sounds Emanating From Rhode Island Forest


Many people move to the country in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, but what happens when you find out you’ve traded your annoying next-door neighbors for terrifying paranormal activity?

Chris Simpkins‘ was woken in his rural Rhode Island home by a frightening, mysterious noise coming from the forest, and he did the best thing possible: he recorded it. The short video clip, which was uploaded to YouTube on September 6, shows an eerie dirt road leading into the woods where the strange buzzing sounds were coming from.


For almost 20 minutes, Simpkins recorded the noises echoing from the woods, noting that not only was the wind quiet, but that there are no trains or traffic sources anywhere nearby. In fact, you can even hear the sounds of crickets and frogs from the nearby woods. Simpkins was also quick to point out that after having lived there for a year, he and his family had never heard anything that sounded anything like the eerie droning.

What makes the situation even stranger is that the only thing of interest in the general direction of the noises is a large AM radio tower. Many expert commenters were quick to point out that AM radios and their towers are not known to make noises anything like the one recorded in the video.

For the most part, many listeners were stumped as to what could possibly be making a sound like the one recorded in Simpkins’ video, but all of them agreed it’s downright scary.

As expected, many were quick to jump to the conclusion that the sounds had to be coming from some kind of alien source, or if not aliens, then they were somehow connected to the recent “boom” sounds recorded in Ontario, Canada.


For now, viewers can only make speculations about the bizarre sound. Thankfully Simpkins continues to update the story as more information is found for the curious. Let us know if you’ve ever experienced anything like the sounds like the bizarre video, and Week In Weird will continue to follow the story as it unfolds.

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