Unexplained "Boom" Regularly Echoing Over Guthrie, Oklahoma

Unexplained “Boom” Regularly Echoing Over Guthrie, Oklahoma

No one knows what’s causing it, but everyone can hear it:  a loud, bone rattling “boom” that shakes the sky, causing locals to phone their friends (and the police), asking “what the hell was that?”

According to Mayor Chuck Burtcher, the noises are nothing new either, admitting that he started getting asked about them three months ago, but even he doesn’t know what’s unnerving his town, musing that the booms could possibly be from oil exploration (though they’re too far from town to cause such a noise, reported  KFOR NewsChannel 4)

Other residents have their own theories, ranging from local shooting ranges to a lone man at the edge of town who owns a cannon and fires it off for fun. One of the most logical explanations for the strange noise were exploding transformers, but the local electric company says they haven’t had any transformers blow lately.

A resident from the neighboring town of Mustang shared his own experience with the noises:


“[I heard the] same sounds in Mustang around 2:30 am Thursday morning. It woke me up, I got up, but couldnt figure out what it was. I spoke to my neighbor the next day and she heard it, too. Her dogs jumped up and started barking.”

Another resident figured that the two most recent booms, due to their timing, could have been “meteors from the Quadrantid Meteor shower breaking the sound barrier as they entered our atmosphere”.

Regardless of whether the noise stems from local nutjobs with personal canons, meteors, or the earth cracking at the seams, mysterious sky noises have been pretty popular the last couple of years, even if a good chunk of them are hoaxes.

I hope it’s a the canon guy.

UPDATE (1/8/2012): Seems that Oklahoma isn’t the only place with mysterious “booms” recently. 


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