Cattle Mutilations Making a Gruesome Comeback in Argentina

Cattle Mutilations Making a Gruesome Comeback in Argentina

A family of ranchers in Estancia El Retiro, Argentina made a disturbing discovery on the 22nd of October: their animals, which they had left overnight in a partially dried, enclosed dam, were all mutilated save for a single lamb that was missing.

Raul Alberto Aguilero, the owner of the animals, spoke to the local newspaper EL LIBERAL , the one and only outlet covering the case on site, and had this to say:

“On Thursday of last week, we left the animals in the dam because it still had a little water in it. When we went back on Saturday, we found their carcasses spread all over the place. What was strange was the absence of decomposing bodies, and all of their soft parts had been eating. No tracks of pumas or other predators who could’ve attacked the sheep were found in the area.”

While the opinion of a local veterinarian is that the bodies may be too far gone to identify what (or who) killed the animals, (for the record, he suggested dogs as a possibility), the family hasn’t ruled out sinister extraterrestrials as a possibility. After all, Argentina has a rich, close relationship with cattle mutilation dating all the way back to the early 2000’s. Not to mention sightings of “green dwarves“, police officers hit by UFO beams, and even mass electronic shut down caused by strange aircraft.


The frequency of these events have slowed almost to a half in recent years, but if Raul is right, we might just start seeing more cattle mutilation activity in Argentina. Keep your eyes to the skies..

For a bit more (but not much), you can visit The UFO Digest.


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