Woman Shares Audio of Ghostly Phone Message Left by Her Recently Deceased Father

Woman Shares Audio of Ghostly Phone Message Left by Her Recently Deceased Father


There’s been a rash of strange audio messages that have been floating around the internet recently, and shockingly many of them are actually quite compelling. The most recent bizarre recording however, has been chilling the spines of anyone who hears it, myself included. After receiving a message from the phone number (000)000-0000, a woman was shocked to realize that the voice on the other line belonged to none other than her recently deceased father.


In a thread posted to Reddit, the user heaveninherarms asked paranormal fans what they thought of a very strange ten-second clip her mother had received earlier that day. The number, which appeared as a series of zeros, went straight to voice mail, leaving behind a message that both heaveninherarms and her mother are positive belonged to their late family member.


“Uhh… This is dad, I was trying to contact you. Uh, this is dad.”

According to heaveninherarms, not only would this have not been a typical message that her Grandfather would have left, but there were other strange details that convinced her it was him calling from the other side. The man had died this March from mesothelioma, and the poster swears that her grandfather spoke with quite a bit of fluid in his lungs, just like the voice in the message.

Obviously the first thing heaveninherarms did was begin to contact her family members asking if someone had forwarded an old message to her mother’s phone. No on in her family had any recollection of the recording, in fact, none of them had ever even heard it before.


Most people seem to agree that there was absolutely something strange about the audio clip. Quite a few people had even experienced the 000-0000 phone number in regards to their own strange phone messages.

With hostly phone messages there’s usually no intelligent verbal communication attempted, in fact, most times they sound like recordings rather than attempts at reaching out. That’s what makes this recording so interesting. Even though the man isn’t speaking to his family the way he would have in life, it would appear that he’s trying to make contact with those he loved in life.

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