Summoning Tablet of the Anderson Hotel: Can You Decipher The Strange Text on this Haunted Artifact?

Summoning Tablet of the Anderson Hotel: Can You Decipher The Strange Text on this Haunted Artifact?


A mysterious wooden tablet, discovered in an abandoned hotel with sordid past, appears to be behind the building’s violent haunting, but the crude slate’s true purpose – or the meaning of its strange text – has yet to be deciphered. Can you help solve the mystery of the Anderson Hotel’s Summoning Tablet?

You’d never know it, but tucked away above a bakery in the idyllic town of Anderson, Kentucky is a lingering nightmare. In the shadow of the town hall sits The Anderson Hotel, a long-shuttered business with a history of seediness, suicide, and a sinister evil that lurks inside the rooms to this very day.

Two years ago, the Anderson Hotel was opened to visitors for the first time in decades.While researching the building’s history and seeking signs of the strange phenomena’s source, Jeff Waldridge, caretaker of the hotel, discovered a mysterious wooden tablet covered in strange text. The strange characters didn’t appear to be connected to any language, and they were accompanied by ominous images of snake-like creatures. The piece was at least several decades old, and appeared to be spattered with blood.


Whatever this tablet was, it was created for a purpose, and with its discovery came a sudden increase in paranormal activity.

jeff-waldridge-anderson-hotelAnderson Hotel caretaker Jeff Waldridge with the Summoning Tablet

Almost immediately, frightening phenomena began to manifest in the Anderson Hotel’s empty halls. Visitors were touched by phantom hands in the darkness, pushed to the ground by an oppressive force, and some of them even began notice mysterious bite-marks appearing on their bodies.  Waldridge couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow the mysterious wooden tablet had something to do with the violent phenomena.

Shortly after the terrifying activity became prominent, paranormal investigator Nick Groff showed interest in featuring the building on the first season of his series Paranormal Lockdown. His visit resulted in the second episode of the show’s first season, and it was a doozy. After the cameraman, Rob Saffi, finds himself bitten, the episode turns from its usual 72-hour investigation formula into an attempt at cleansing the violent spirit from the hotel.

While the activity laid low after Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman’s push to rid the building of the entity, it didn’t take long for the frightening activity to slowly ramp back up. By the time we visited the building in June of 2016, all hell was ready to break loose. And it did. Just what took place that evening is a story for another time, but the short version is this: there does indeed appear to be some sort of anomalous activity attached to the Summoning Tablet, and because of it, people are being hurt.

After that night, the Anderson Hotel’s paranormal investigations ceased, its doors locked for the foreseeable future. A week later, Jeff Waldridge handed us the Summoning Tablet for safekeeping.

“This belongs in the museum,” he said. “I’m not bringing it in my house, but it’s too dangerous to let anyone else find.”

The Summoning Tablet was added to the collection of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & the Occult, and we’ve been trying to understand it ever since.

bite-mark-andersonOne of the phantom bite marks that appeared on Paranormal Lockdown’s cameraman

Our first discovery was completely unintentional. Over the course of several EVP sessions conducted with highly active objects in the museum, such as the Idol of Nightmares, we’ve discovered that we’re unable to capture any EVP recordings while the Summoning Tablet is present in the same room. Haunted objects with an established history of activity seem to completely shut down, as if the Summoning Tablet is acting like a paranormal kill switch.

While the board has a habit of snuffing out the strange phenomena of haunted objects around it, it also appears to generate more than enough paranormal activity on its own. Not only does the artifact appear to randomly generate fluctuations in the electromagnetic field, the Summoning Tablet appears to know when its being observed, often causing camera malfunctions or tipping itself over in order to obscure its view. In fact, when I attempted to make a high quality scan of the tablet, it took me six tries – each image would self-corrupt during the process. On my final attempt, the image generated properly, but scanner fried. It hasn’t worked since.

Most interestingly, while the Summoning Tablet was being streamed live to to the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult’s 24/7 video feed, its activity appeared to correspond with the viewers it recognized, causing the stream’s EMF meter to spike each and every time Jeff Waldridge and Donnie Irvin, two people who had spent considerable time investigating the hotel, logged into the feed. So far, it has never exhibited this phenomena with any of the video feed’s hundreds of viewers but them.

But what exactly is happening with the tablet? The answer may be in understanding the strange script etched across the plank, a task that’s proven difficult.


There are thirty-three unique characters on this board, and only one of them repeats, which is impossible if the characters are meant to form coherent words. The characters bear a resemblance to “Enochian”, a magical form of writing first popularized by occultist John Dee, but don’t actually match up. They also appear to be slightly influenced by Ethiopian Ge’ez (which appears to have informed Dee’s Enochian script to some degree), but fails to form any cohesive connection to that language either.

This is where you come in. We’re looking for anyone who might be able to solve the strange code scrawled on the Summing Tablet, recognize its drawings, or provide a clue as to the purpose of the artifact’s creation. With your help, we may be able to get to the bottom of the Anderson Hotel’s violent paranormal phenomena.

If you can provide insight into The Summoning Tablet, email me at [email protected], drop us a line on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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