Man Films Disturbing Video of Neighbor's Ongoing "Demonic Possession" During the Witching Hour

Man Films Disturbing Video of Neighbor’s Ongoing “Demonic Possession” During the Witching Hour


Dealing with next-door neighbors aways has the possibility of turning into a complete nightmare, and at one point we’ve all experienced a troublesome resident. No one wants to put up with loud parties, property fights, or barking dogs, but what happens when your neighbor is literally possessed by demons?

Jamie Barrientos is looking for some possible explanations about what might be happening in his upstairs neighbor’s apartment each night. Once the sun goes down and everyone is asleep, the otherwise “normal” neighbor begins to grunt and growl in a fashion that’s strikingly similar to just about every possession recording ever made, leading Jamie to believe the man might be in the throes of demonic possession.

To help his case, Jamie posted a minute long cellphone video captured one evening, and I’ve got to admit, at first listen, it’s pretty bone-chilling.



According to Jamie, the demonic neighbor is a man in his late twenties who seemed totally normal at any other time. However between the hours of 7pm to 7am every night, his apartment upstairs turns into the full-on set from The Exorcist.

The audio captures his groaning and growling, possibly in different languages, while accompanied by the sound of banging furniture. Eventually, the noises got so loud and frequent that the police had to be called to the apartment. The neighbor apologized for the noises and attributed the racket to a vague illness.


Listeners have tossed out plenty of theories about the strange voices that range anywhere from drug abuse, to mental illness, even Satanic ritual practice. Unfortunately for the neighbors, the growling and screaming has yet to stop, and they’ve just had to learn to live with it.

The next time you feel your blood pressure rising because you neighbor’s kid left their bike on your lawn or their family barbecue gets a little out of hand, just remember… at least they’re not possessed by demons.

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