Hospital Security Camera Captures "Human Soul" Leaving Dead Body

Afterlife on Film: Hospital Security Camera Captures “Human Soul” Leaving Dead Body


An eerie CCTV video has been making the rounds this week, and it appears to show what many are claiming is a human soul leaving a dead body.

The footage, which was filmed four years ago in an unnamed Chinese hospital, shows what looks an awful lot like a humanoid fog floating up and away from a dead body, only to disappear down a darkened hallway. According to what little information surrounds the short CCTV clip, the woman laying motionless on the gurney had been recently pronounced dead,  a sheet draped over her body.


Not surprisingly, there’s been plenty of theories attempting to debunk the footage, ranging anywhere from moths fluttering in front of the lens to an outright CGI hoax. In a perfect world, a video expert could shed some light on the footage to let us know if what we’re looking has been tampered with, but until then I’d love to hear what you think about the strange piece of footage evidence.


The internet is rife with ghostly CCTV footage videos of entities attacking people, trashing homes, and haunting old hospitals, but unfortunately, quite a few of them are pretty obviously fake. Though it’s hard to be convinced that this is a legitimate video of a human soul leaving a body and disembarking on the journey to the “other side”, the footage is still somewhat compelling.

With a lot of these types of videos, it’s easy to quickly dismiss them as fake, but again there’s something about this 24 second clip that sets my Spidey senses off, and I’m curious to see if itdoes the same for you. Let us know what you think about the video, and if you’ve got any insight leave your comments below.

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