Beware the Widow Ghosts: Look Out Black Eyed Kids, There’s A New Paranormal Nightmare in Town

Beware the Widow Ghosts: Look Out Black Eyed Kids, There’s A New Paranormal Nightmare in Town


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a fairly good chance you’re already familiar with the internet’s recent obsession with Black-Eyed Kids, Hat Men, and Shadow Person experiences, but there’s another terrifying paranormal nightmare that you might not be familiar with, and it makes the others look like Casper. Beware the Widow Ghosts.

Though we might not have ever heard of Widow Ghosts, stories of their hauntings have been famous in Thailand for, well… ever. Directly associated with Nightmare Death Syndrome or Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome, many believe that the appearance of a Widow Ghost is not only paranormal, but deadly.

“Sudden unexpected death syndrome is sudden unexpected death of adolescents and adults, many during sleep. This syndrome occurs in populations that are culturally and genetically distinct and people who leave the population carry with them the vulnerability to sudden death during sleep.”



The description of a Widow Ghost is that of a human female spirit that roams the night, killing men to take their souls as husbands in the otherworld. The phantoms are often associated with women who were “sexually promiscuous” in life, and who are looking to seek revenge on the men who treated them badly while they were alive.

Widow Ghosts became a real fear in the 90s, causing quite a few terrified dudes to dress up in drag while they slept, thinking that by tossing on some lipstick and rouge, they might ward off the bloodthirsty spirits. Unfortunately, that technique isn’t said to work very well. According to those who have avoided the murderous Widow Ghosts, the only thing that will ward off the deadly phantoms is wearing a small wooden penis.  For real.

Over the years, a good number of first-hand accounts of entities obsessed with tormenting men have cropped up around the world, so maybe it’s not so hard to believe in the phenomenon of Widow Ghosts. They may very well be the next Black-Eyed Kids.

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