Woman Receives Terrifying Phone Message From Ghost That Haunted Her Childhood Home

Woman Receives Terrifying Phone Message From Ghost That Haunted Her Childhood Home


Most people have received a creepy voicemail at least once in their life. Often times they can be attributed to prank calls, technical problems, or a good old fashioned butt-dial, but once in awhile they can come from somewhere else.

After missing a series of telephone calls from her elderly mother’s landline, a woman known only as Judy played back the recorded messages on her answering machine only to receive a terrifying shock. The garbled voice whispering on the other end of the line sounded all too familiar, like a ghost from her past. Literally.

According to Judy, her childhood was the scene of frightening displays of paranormal activity. Her sister would often collapse and speak in tongues, mysterious noises plagued her home, and at once point the activity in the house got so bad, a priest was actually called in to do a blessing on the property. All of these incidents seemed to stem from their bathroom, where a ghostly voice would whisper her name from the shadows.


What alarmed Judy the most about the mysterious message was the sound of a deep male voice whispering the name “Juuuuddyyy” under the choppy static. The voice sounded exactly like the one that had stalker her in her childhood home. Judy asked her mother if she had accidentally left the message, but the elderly woman was adamant that she hadn’t even picked up phone that day.

Judy’s daughter, who goes by the screen name Midwayer, took to the paranormal message boards of Reddit to share the spooky audio messages captured by her mother. Of course there was a lot of debate about whether or not the strange sounds recorded on Judy’s answering machine were legitimately paranormal, with some suggesting that it was only multi-frequency tones, but others were not so quick to discount the validity of the undoubtably creepy recording.

Some listeners  suggested they could even hear snippets of warnings hidden in the audio saying things like “hide”, “go to the house”, and “hurry”. Others reported feelings of dread while listening to the message, as if it was coming from a dark, malevolent spirit.

Whatever you believe, if you wait until it’s nice and dark out to give the minute-long clip a listen, there’s a good chance you might start deleting your voicemails before you listen to them.

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