Idaho Drone Video That "Captured Bigfoot" Outed as Hoax

Bigfoot Busted: Viral Drone Video That Allegedly Captured Bigfoot Outed as Hoax by Creators


Last week, a drone video caught viral attention when it appeared to show Bigfoot running through a field in Idaho. Now, the creators have released a new video that shows the truth: it was all a hoax, and a pretty basic one at that.

The original video, entitled, “Possible bigfoot in Idaho!! Flying the drone around and ran across this,” was uploaded to YouTube on June 2, and within days had been featured in dozens of news stories. The clip appeared to show a hairy, bipedal figure booking it across a clearing near the Hawkins Reservoir in Southeast Idaho. So far, the video has been viewed over half a million times.


When the Idaho State Journal reached out to the video’s creator, he granted them an interview but requested he remain anonymous “due to fears of public ridicule”.

“I said, ‘wait a minute, that’s not right,’” the videographer told reporters. “I fly my drone everywhere, and I get video of elk, deer, rivers, all kind of things,” he said. “Usually pretty views nobody else can see.”

Well, it looks like the jig is up, because just a few hours ago, the same account posted a follow-up video with the title “What really happened June 2, 2016 Possible bigfoot in Idaho!!” The truth is predicable, and the creator makes no bones about letting us know we all just got suckered.

The update shows the same reservoir with a familiar figure running in the distance, only this time, the drone moves in for a closer view, quickly establishing that what we’re seeing is just a common, cheap Halloween costume. The faux-squatch waves off in the distance, only to be joined by another figure in a giant foot costume, a stick of Jack’s Links jerky in one hand. Together, they hold up a sign that reads, “BIGFOOT, REALLY?” and laugh at the camera.

Another one bites the dust.

For what it’s worth, the one and only Dr. Jeff Meldrum, one of the most educated and recognizable Bigfoot researchers in the field, didn’t buy the footage from the start.

1920025_484723124965189_690654732_n-1Bigfoot researcher Dr. Jeff Meldrum | Via Jeff Meldrum on Facebook

“I had to expand the size of the video to clearly see it on my 22-inch computer monitor, and those screens for drone cameras are usually no bigger than a cell phone screen,” Meldrum told the Idaho State Journal. “How could he have picked up that little speck, and then zoom in and fly directly to the point when it entered the forest?”

Looks like the search for compelling Sasquatch footage continues.

Did you believe the Bigfoot drone footage was real? Has there ever been quality evidence of Sasquatch captured on camera? We want to hear your thoughts. Drop us a line on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or start a conversation in the comments below.


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