Did Mom's Spooky Selfie Capture the Ghost Haunting Her Home?

Home is Where the Haunt is: Mom Uncovers Her Home’s Frightening History After Capturing a Ghost in a Selfie

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This week’s nightmare-inducing ghost photo is enough to have me sleeping with the lights on for awhile. After accidentally capturing the frightening image of a ghost in her selfie, a mom discovered that her current home used to be a crematorium. Spooky stuff.

The image, which was posted to reddit by the user dvac23, shows a mother and daughter snapping a quick selfie in their living room, and according to the poster, the two were the only ones home at the time. The image, however, shows a distorted third figure in the frame, one that she believes is the ghost haunting her home.

Hovering to the right of the two is what looks an awful lot like a young girl floating through the frame. Her face is somewhat distorted on the right, and when you enhance the photo, it appears as if she might be reaching out to the camera. Obviously terrified, the new home owners did a little research and discovered that their dream home had once been a fully-functioning crematorium.



If you’re anything like me, the first thing you noticed was how conveniently the photo was posed to capture the perfect snapshot of a ghost, but as the poster explained, the image is actually a digital copy of printed original that had been cropped to showcase the apparition on the right.

According to dvac23, the family even called in a local paranormal investigation team after the photo was captured, but admitted that the group provided very little real help with their haunting. Unfortunately, a quick search of dvac23’s posting history shows that there’s been no updates on the photo or the family, leaving it a bit of a mystery.

So what do you think? Is the image real, a hoax, or maybe just some faulty film? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @WeirdHQ, drop us a line on Facebook, or start a conversation in the comments below!


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