The Old Hag: Terrifying "Ghost Photo" Captured at Texas' Fort Worth Museum

The Old Hag: Terrifying “Ghost Photo” Captured at Texas’ Fort Worth Museum

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If you’re trying to stave off sleep, I’ve got the perfect picture to guarantee you’ll be up at 2am. A creepy-as-hell photo taken at Texas’ Fort Worth Museum of Science and History might take the cake for one of the creepiest potential ghost photos of all time.

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The image was snapped during an afternoon trip to FWM for a bit of fun, unfortunately what he photographed lurking around in the background was anything but.



What appears to be a… well, let’s be honest, a hideously disfigured old woman covered in soiled shroud, is lurking around in children’s section of the museum, surrounded by happy kids playing with no regard to the spooky sight near them.

The old hag’s arms are severely distorted, she appears to be standing inside a child-sized grocery cart, and that’s not even the weirdest part. The photographer, who submitted the image to Reddit under the name KRAMERisKRUNK, has absolutely no memory of anything remotely resembling a terrifying old lady standing in the background of his photo.


Obviously, plenty of people jumped in with their two cents, a museum employee who explained that a handful of security guards have had strange experiences like things being moved, particularly when the FWM hosted their Titanic exhibit.


Nothing else is known about the image, the possible ghost, or whether or not the Fort Worth Museum has a longer history of paranormal occurrences, especially in the childrens’ section. Regardless, you can’t deny that the image is pretty strange.

Is there a ghost haunting the Fort Worth Museum? Has a dark spirit from beyond the grave come back from the dead to re-stock shelves in a fake grocery store? Or did some woman with really deformed features just decide to wear a veil and ride around in a shopping cart? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or start a conversation in the comments below!


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