Strange Ghost Photos Capture Dark "Skeleton" Figures at Ice Rink

Hauntings on Ice: Strange Ghost Photos Capture Dark “Skeleton” Figures at Ice Rink


A series of strange ghost photos recently popped up on Reddit, showing what appear to be strange, shadowy figures lurking near a group of young men shoveling snow off an ice rink. Only according to the photographer, no one else was there at the time.

The picture was posted by user ashleyc93, and according to her, was snapped by her neighbor one night this past winter when his three sons were helping shovel during a storm. The two images were taken on the neighbor’s phone only seconds apart, and as you can see, the first one image shows nothing out of the ordinary, the second image, however, is a different story.




In the second photo you can make out what according to ashleyc93 looks an awful lot like two dark figures moving by. Ashley believes that the images, which were posted on Friday evening, also show the figures pulling a coffin behind them as they go. I don’t see the coffin, but hey, maybe I don’t know where to look.

Of course, the images sparked plenty of debate about their validity, with lots of theories about what could have caused the strange skeletal shapes in the snow. Plenty of people suggested that the pictures were the result of a rolling shutter effect, poor lighting, and slow shutter speed capturing a few skaters rolling by, though the poster assured that no one else was present when the images were taken.


Chances are over the next few days you’ll be seeing Ashley’s strange skeleton images doing the rounds on the internet, so let’s get the ball rolling here, shall we? What do you think about the weird images? Let us know in the comments below.


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