David Huggins: Alien Abduction Artist and Father to Hybrids

David Huggins, Father of Many Alien Hybrids, Paints His Abductions


Artists have always sought to turn trauma into expression. For painter David Huggins, it’s not your typical emotional baggage. That’s because since 1951, David has lived with memories of alien visitations and abductions.

David Huggins at work on a painting from his abduction memories. (Brad Abrahams)

David Huggins at work on a painting from his abduction memories. (Brad Abrahams)

Living with his family in rural Georgia, David began to experience encounters with aliens from another dimension at eight years old. Along with the typical Greys, there were other ‘species’ including large, mantis-like “insect beings” and a “hairy guy” who resembled a Sasquatch with glowing yellow eyes. He would run into the house and tell his parents what he saw until one day, they did more than just tell him to stop making up stories. After that severe whipping, he learned to keep the incidents to himself.

Yet one being stands out from all the others: a human hybrid named Crescent. Though she began visiting him during his younger years, their relationship changed when David was seventeen. As he was passing through a forest on his way to a lake, he saw Crescent sitting beneath a tree. She stripped naked, as did David, and he laid down. Higgins lost his virginity that day, and he says that since that day, he fathered approximately 60 hybrid children. While David considers it a love affair, the aliens were in complete control of his body during their sexual encounters, making him essentially their willing slave for breeding purposes.

David Huggins stands with his paintings "Baby Being Shown" and "Packaged Alien" in his studio. (Pamela Suchy/ Jersey Journal)

David Huggins stands with his paintings “Baby Being Shown” (featuring Crescent) and “Packaged Alien” in his studio. (Pamela Suchy/ Jersey Journal)

Huggins studied oil painting at NYC’s Art Students League and began using it as a form of self-therapy around 1965. By expressing his experiences through brushstrokes through a series based on these memories, he developed an outlet for the experience he couldn’t speak about to the people around him. Though he did attend meetings of abductees in the 80s and 90s, he stopped going. The stories were too depressing for him. “It’s a club no one wants to belong to,” Huggins said.

Today, 70-year-old Huggins lives a quiet life in Hoboken, New Jersey, still painting and still being visited by his alien acquaintances. After being interviewed on a radio show about his experiences, Huggins was approached by filmmaker Brad Abrahams who tracked him down and interviewed him over the course of several days.

Brad Abrahams’ documentary Love and Saucers: The Far Out World of David Huggins is still a work in progress. You can read about David’s experiences and check out some of his artwork in Love in an Alien Purgatory: The Life and Fantastic Art of David Huggins by Turkish ufologist Farah Yurdozu.


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