The Martian Prophecy: Did Space Aliens Visit Ancient China?

The Martian Prophecy: Did Space Aliens Visit Ancient China?

chinese_ufoWhat’s not to like about the Chinese? The food is good, their civilization is more than 4,000 years old, and they recorded everything.

Take this tale from Gan Bao’s Anecdotes About Spirits And Immortals.

Sometime before 250 C.E., Bao recorded this tale of extraterrestrial contact. A strange being about four feet tall, with bright, shining eyes, and wearing a blue shirt appeared in front of a group of kids. “I’ve been watching you, and I wanted to come down from Mars and meet you!”

This encounter took place towards the end of the Three Kingdoms. A time after the fall of the Han dynasty where the states of Shu, Wei, and Wu held power. These states battled each other with the regularity of the seasons. Turns out, Blue Boy closely followed Chinese politics. He felt obligated to announce the era of the Three Kingdoms was not long for this world, to be replaced by Sima Yan’s founding the Jin Dynasty.


Being around aliens is old hat for ancient Chinese kids, but when they heard Blue Boy’s prophecy of regime change, everyone went nuts, and ran crying for their parents. Upon being confronted by the angry parents, Blue Boy shrank, then flew into the air leaving a white contrail in his wake. Four years later, Shu was no longer on the map, and 17 years later Wu also perished, leaving the Sima family of Wei ascendant.

This was the Martian Prophecy.

How much is true, and how much is bizarre political folklore? Honorable readers, our ancestors would be pleased to hear your sage wisdom on our Facebook page, at Twitter, or in our humble comments section.


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