New Software Can Detect Bigfoot Hoax Videos

New Software Can Detect Bigfoot Hoax Videos


Bigfoot researcher Matt Knapp has been encouraging fellow cryptozoologists to employ more scientific methods in Sasquatch research. According to him, if cryptozoologists expect scientists to take Bigfoot seriously, ” we have to go by their standards, not our anecdotal ones.” Thus, he is promoting the use of a new software developed by the Massachusetts University of Technology, known as Eulerian Video Magnification (EVM).

The software works by breaking an image into several aspects, thus revealing things invisible to the naked eye. This way, it will be able to detect a real video from a hoaxed one.

Thus, Knapp claims, the Bigfoot research will gain more credence in the eyes of mainstream science, now being able to shun off the fake and the hoaxed. “Not only does the EVM software assist in determining and proving the subject of a video is a living and breathing entity, and not just some guy in a costume, it also opens the door in terms of gaining information about muscle movement and motion.”


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