Your Secret Dead-Bee Gambit is on Fire in the Middle of the Road

Your Secret Dead-Bee Gambit is on Fire in the Middle of the Road

Drone down.

Drone down.

Scientists and farmers and the general public keep wondering (though their interest seems to be waning amidst all the other weirdness) what’s going on with all the bees dying out. Fingers are pointing in various directions. First it’s this reason, then that, the mainstream media waxing and waning… mostly waning. Is there a dead-bee gambit?

It seems, at least to Da-da, that some group or agency wants bees to die out, or is at least wholly indifferent to their passing. They keep saying it’s ok to spray their pesticides and herbicides and bee-icides and bees keep dying. Huh. Wonder why?

Say goodbye to all these -- or say HELLO to high prices!

When bees go, say goodbye to all these — or say HELLO to high prices! Who needs bees when you’ve got lots of money?!

While bees are necessary for producing all manner of fruits and veggies on Spaceship Earth, never underestimate the hubris and misguided juggernautiness of corporations like Monsanto, ConAgra et al. It’s possible these ostrich-y multi-billion-dollar mega-corporations (that all share the same elite-few boardmembers who also own Whole Foods, etc.) are purposefully causing natural, organic bees to die because they have a way to make money off of the bee’s demise.

Here we come.

Wait for it.

Perhaps they’ve already created their own “frankenbee,” or bioengineered pollenate-independent plants that don’t need bees for propagation — or some insipid and clumsy robotic drone. These corporations will then sell us (serfs) these frankenbees and frankenfruits and frankenveggies at a premium, knowing they have a captive and slowly starving human market over an empty barrel. It’s sorta the biological equivalent of Cortez burning his ships, except it’s the entire human race left standing on the shore.

We're getting closer.

We’re getting closer.

Da-da certainly hopes his speculation is spurious, but he fears it is not. And since we have corporations buying up farmland all over the world, but especially in the U.S., neatly sealing the masses in The Cabal’s soon-to-be-trending, “neo-feudalism.” A world of renters, watched by millions of cameras. Just like the good ol’ days, but better: a totalitarian dream.

MUCH closer.

MUCH closer.

You’ve heard this before, but this bears retelling: dehumanization of others is the root of all injustice and oppression. And the concept of making money money money at the expense of human beings — at the expense of your brothers — while destroying your planet, your home, is at its root… insane. It’s what we in the Royal Navy call, “UNSUSTAINABLE.”

We look mad.


This can stop if people change their minds about how the future should unfold, and shame those who are acting conversely. Corporations are not people. They’re artificial constructs operating outside the law. That is, they’re outlaws.

How much longer are you willing to allow outlaws to run your lives?

There we go.

There we go.

Not much longer, Da-da will wager.

Oh, wait. Here it is:


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