Video Shows UFO Blasting Across the Northern Ireland Sky

Video Shows UFO Blasting Across the Northern Ireland Sky


Incredible footage captured a few weeks ago in Northern Ireland has UFOlogists excited and skeptics looking for evidence of fakery, but both can agree on one thing: this video is weird.

The bizarre footage was taken by a man lounging in his backyard in in Belfast, Ireland who claimed to notice a strange circular object hovering in the sky. Closer inspection of the UFO would have you believe it’s simply a lost balloon or even some kind of man-made aircraft.. that is, until it suddenly rockets through the clouds and out of sight at an incredible rate of speed.

According to UFODI News, who posted the video to YouTube on July 12th, the craft was seen by numerous people who described it as a classic, disk-shaped UFO that hovered on its side and glowed white. Those who spied the object estimated it to have been sitting at 30,000 feet when it shot across the sky.


Stranger still, is that this is simply the latest sighting in a string of UFO reports, as Belfast is no stranger to extraterrestrial visitation. Just last month another sighting was captured in the town of Hollywood on the Coast of Belfast Lough, and the object’s 90 degree turns left air traffic controllers scratching their heads.

So what could the UFO be? A tourist from another planet? A clever bit of computer graphics? A leprechaun searching for a rainbow? Give the footage a watch below and let us know what you think! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, on twitter @WhoForted, or in the comments!


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