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Fort Report: Roswell Time Travel, The Real Story Behind “The Conjuring”, and The Making of Lucifer Rising


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I’ve scoured the ‘net for some of the weirdest links from everywhere else and compiled them right here. Here’s what I’ve rounded up for this edition of The Fort Report: the true story behind The Conjuring, a look inside the operation of an occult oddities shop, an intriguing theory about the Roswell incident that doesn’t involve aliens, psychic scams, and a bunch of people who want to write you a check for proving paranormal powers.

Read on for those stories and more!


‘The Conjuring’ depicts family’s haunting in Burrillville farmhouse in ’70s

Shortly after Roger and Carolyn Perron moved their family into an 18th-century farmhouse in Burrillville in 1971, they said, demonic spirits began to haunt them. Interesting to note is that Carolyn says the Warren’s didn’t actually help them, but made the problem worse. Hrmm..

Kenneth Anger: how I made Lucifer Rising

The director of the 1966 occult classic talks about how an anti-British massacre paid for his film, and the debt it owes to Jimmy Page and a bunch of jailed killers.

Backstory: Occult fascination leads to store that offers oddities, books

The Little Leviathan is an oddity shop with locations at the Raleigh Flea Market and on Powell Drive that sells everything from vintage-style razors and taxidermy tarantulas to old dentist chairs and distressed-looking clown figurines.

Roswell: The Time Travel Theory

What if the Roswell affair is explainable in a very different, and wildly alternative, fashion? What if the weird craft and its strange crew were not the denizens of another galaxy, or even of the military of the immediate post-World War II era, after all? What if, incredibly, their point of origin was a far flung future of a distinctly human nature?

Ghost hunters find paranormal activity in historical buildings

Motor City Ghost Hunters got readings on its equipment during a recent program for children at the McFadden-Ross House, Gardner House and Commandant’s Quarters, which apparently warranted a three page article.

Tall tales of tall creatures fly like sparks at scientists’ campfire

Sitting around the campfire after a day in the field, the group — including 11 visitors representing nine countries — swapped stories under a sky full of stars. Light-hearted talk at one point veered toward Sasquatch, one of the region’s best-known tall tales.

Prove Your Supernatural Power and Get Rich

If you can demonstrate a power unknown to science, there are people looking to write you a check. Fair notice: they really, really don’t want to write you a check.

Inside South Africa’s most haunted site

“Very late at night when it’s very quiet you can hear the Castle groaning,” he said, adding that these sounds can be easily explained by the fact that the building “settles” into the ground. But what he can’t explain away is doors and windows quietly opening themselves, dogs barking, or sightings of people who appear only to vanish moments later.

Florida woman jailed in ‘psychic scam,’ accused of bilking Sunnyvale woman

A woman is in a South Florida jail cell awaiting prosecution in Santa Clara County for an alleged “psychic scam” on a vulnerable and superstitious Sunnyvale divorcee, bilking her out of more than $800,000 over the course of a decade for protection against voodoo curses and misfortune.

British man says he captured video confirmation of UFO

A man in North Lincolnshire in the UK says he captured a video of a mysterious object he spotted while driving that is “confirmation that this was a UFO.”

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