Meet Your New Favorite Drink: Evil Spirits Vodka Puts Ghosts in Your Glass

Meet Your New Favorite Drink: Evil Spirits Vodka Puts Ghosts in Your Glass

Evil Spirits Vodka

If you’re looking for the perfect drink to serve at your next seance, the very first offering from Evil Spirits Distillery might be just the right thing.

This clever brand is a throwback to the heyday of Spiritualism, when gathering your company around a Ouija board for a few drinks and a little spirit summoning was considered a damn good Saturday night. Evil Spirits Vodka aims to bring that sense of forbidden fun back to your living room with its special edition launch package which not only includes a handy booklet of devilish drink recipes, but a full spirit board complete with an engraved planchet.

This package is so beautifully designed that I don’t even feel bad begging to get my hands on one. Hey, Evil Spirits, send one our way for review!


Designed by Canada’s Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc.

“Evil Spirits is a new premium spirits line that is painstakingly crafted to be sinfully enjoyed. St. Bernadine was tasked with package design and a media kit for the launch.

Evil Spirits Vodka is the product of a distilling craft so refined it must have been exchanged for diabolical favours. St. Bernadine extended this brand promise through every detail of the design language. Custom word mark? Evil. Spirit renderings in matte varnish? Evil. Recipe card? Evil. Ouiji board with commemorative cast pewter planchette? Evil. It’s time to succumb to the guilty pleasure of Evil Spirits.”

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