Biting, Plate-Smashing Poltergeist Terrorizes Wyoming Household, Sends Woman into Cardiac Arrest

Biting, Plate-Smashing Poltergeist Terrorizes Wyoming Household, Sends Woman into Cardiac Arrest


A Wyoming family’s evening battle with a glass-smashing poltergeist ended with a visit from the police and visit to the hospital.

A bizzarre entry in the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department blotter entry for yesterday evening recorded a dispatch that saw an officer respond to a case of alleged demon possession. The report states that the afflicted had been battling the malevolent spirit for the better part of two days, and when the family decided to stage a home grown exorcism, the possessed woman went into cardiac arrest.

The blotter entry via County 10:


Undersheriff Ryan Lee said this morning the Fremont County 911 Center received a call from a resident on Firethorn Lane north of Riverton Tuesday at 7:56 p.m. reporting the following:

A female subject at the home was possessed by a “poltergeist” and had stopped breathing after she was sprayed with Holy water. Other occupants of the home then attempted to perform an exorcism at which time they reported the exorcism activity caused the female to go in to cardiac arrest.

Upon arrival the female subject was found to be breathing, but she was taken by ambulance to the Riverton Hospital for unknown reasons.  She was in stable condition when she arrived at the hospital.

The occupants of the residence stated that a demon had been in the home breaking windows and dishes, as well as biting the occupants of the home for the last two days; they asked a Deputy Sheriff to look into the matter.  The Deputy was unable to substantiate any criminal activity or that anyone had been bitten.

The woman was identified as a 31-year-old Riverton resident.

Is it weird that I think the entire thing is scarier because it happened in Wyoming?

Here’s hoping more details on the odd ordeal pop up soon. Or we can just wait until it shows up on next season of Paranormal Witness.


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