Fabulously Fortean: Magnetic Mystery Glitter Descends Upon Indiana Neighborhood

Fabulously Fortean: Magnetic Mystery Glitter Descends Upon Indiana Neighborhood


There’s a magnetic mystery afoot in Northwestern Indiana, and it has made one neighborhood freaked out and faaaab-ulous!

On Tuesday morning, residents of Hammond, Indiana began reporting a mysterious, glittery, magnetic substance that started appearing all over town, coating lawns in a shiny, sparkly layer of dust. One resident described the scene as if someone had dumped glitter over the entire neighborhood.

Dan Goldblatt of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management says he’s been fielding calls about the glitter for days, but has no idea where it’s coming from.


“Originally I thought it could be a type of graphite kish but our experts in the field do not believe that is the case,” he told CBS Local News. “Right now, we don’t know what it is or where it is coming from.”

The town of Hammond is located near a few steel mills, and is no stranger to soot, but both the DEM and locals are certain that the magnetic flakes are unlike anything they’ve seen before. They’ve taken to calling it “lawn glitter”.

The local environmental agency reports that the magnetic mystery flakes have since ceased, but their testing on the substance continues.

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