Reader Mail: Mystery Booms Reported in Onaway, Michigan

Reader Mail: Mystery Booms Reported in Onaway, Michigan


They’ve been cropping up all over this year, and now it looks like the strange case of the “mystery booms” has found itself in the tiny town of Onaway, Michigan.

Who Forted has received a first hand account of a mysterious rumble that shook the Onaway and surrounding areas late last week. Local police were bombarded with calls, with residents reporting that the rattling was felt from within a 15 mile area.

Within days of the first reported boom, another large rattle was reportedly experienced in Columbiaville, only as our witness described, this recent boom was was followed by the appearance of  “large fighter jets”.


My sister [who lives] four miles out in the country said she felt the whole house shake. Friends and family from the area all heard and felt it within 15 miles. Caught my attention living near Flint and hearing scanner calls. Tonight booms were reported over the scanner traffic in Columbiaville. The ones my sister and friends felt the second day were FOLLOWED by large fighter jets.

Local news has blamed the bizarre booms on a local iron works, which they claim have been blasting with C4. Onaway residents and employees of the iron works however are saying “no way”.

“I lived there 20 years and know people who work there, Brandy W. wrote to us in an email. “[They] say they never used C4.”

Could the military be covering something up? Are the strange rattles related to the many other mystery booms around the country this year? Why were there fighter jets scrambled after the explosion? We want to know what you think. Drop us a line on our official Facebook page, tweet us @WhoForted, or leave a comment below.

Huge thanks to Brandy W. for sending us the tip.


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