UFOs Shut Down Group's Electronics, But Not Before Being Filmed

UFOs Shut Down Group’s Electronics, But Not Before Being Filmed


A group of starlted onlookers filmed and photographed a fleet of UFOs hovering over Tannum Sand, Australia twice this week… that is, until the unidentified flying object managed to shut down all of their electronics.

The first series of photographs were captured Monday night and show a cluster of strange lights hovering in the night sky. The bizarre lights were witnessed by a group of seven friends who spotted what they described as two unidentifiable objects which faded and disappeared while the other appeared further ahead.

ufos“In the second sighting the object was clearly moving to the north at slow speed. It looks like the largest star in the sky, but slightly bigger and a touch brighter,” a witness told the Gladstone Observer this week.


This is not the first sighting to have taken place in Gladstone. A video of a UFO was captured in January of this year and analyzed by UFO counselor and Gladstone resident, Mary Rodwell, and was authenticated by the self-described UFO expert.

Last night’s encounter was observed by several eyewitnesses who each described it as a bright orange light that shot across the night sky very quickly, and then stopped stationary for up to five minutes at a time.

“It came back several times and moved the same way each time. We saw it three different times, as did our neighbors and some friends in Gladstone; definitely no ordinary aircraft or satellite,” Sidney resident Natalie Vedder described of the lights.

Lucky for us, the strange lights were both filmed and photographed by Tannum Sand resident, Janet Hadley. There would have been even more video evidence, but strangely enough, other witnesses claim their phones and cameras went dead when they attempted to document the sighting.

Nothing more is known about the lights, whether it was a satellite or not most witnesses are quite convinced that what they were observing was unearthly in nature.

Did the residents of Tannum Sand have a close encounter? Give the video a look below and let us know what you think of the odd sight. Share your thoughts with on Facebook, on twitter @WhoForted, or in the comments!


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