Weird "Bubble Creatures" Invade Nature Preserve During Full Moon

Weird “Bubble Creatures” Invade Nature Preserve During Full Moon


Continuing the new trend of “what the hell is this thing?” is a video of some very weird “bubble creatures” that mysteriously appeared in a central Florida nature preserve a few weeks ago.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by NightFallFXANS, shows dozens of strange “pods” swaying in the water’s current, as fish poke and prod the objects. The uploader, who shot the video at the Betty Steflic Reserve in Flagler Beach, Florida, says that in all his years of visiting the location he’s never seen anything like the “bubble creatures”, and wonders if they had anything to do with the lunar phase.

“[These are the] strange bubble creatures that appeared during low tide,” he wrote. “Of all my visits to the reserve, this is the first time I’ve seen them. Could it be they only come out during the fool moon?”


I can’t help but wonder if the weird objects are even creatures at all, and while my first instinct is to consider that they may be egg sacs of some kind, they certainly don’t look like any fish eggs that I’ve managed to find. Any ideas?

Give the video a look below, and if you think that you know what the “bubble creatures” might be, let me know! You can share your thoughts on the WhoForted Facebook page, on twitter @WhoForted, or in the comments section.

Huge thanks to Rev. Jeff at the Squatcher’s Lounge for passing this along! Go check out his great fringe news roundups!


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