Fort Report: Winged Monsters, Haunted Moms, and Time Travelers

Fort Report: Winged Monsters, Haunted Moms, and Time Travelers


Hello again, weirdos!

I’m back with another collection of leftover links to some of the weirdest stories on the net. Today’s edition of the Fort Report has unsolved cases of winged monsters, spooky ghost lights, haunted pregnancies, time travellers, real life exorcisms, blind folk’s ghost sightings, paranormal party poopers, and more!

Read on for all the strangeness, and remember, only you can prevent dog food fires.


Do Blind People See Ghosts?

Tommy Edison, who’s been blind since birth and who answers people’s questions about his experience, recently took on the question of ghosts. Do blind people believe in them? Do they feel their presence? Can you “see” a ghost without seeing?

A real-life exorcism: ‘Beyond the Hills,’ winner of two awards at Cannes

Based on an infamous incident that took place in Romania in 2005, Cristian Mungiu’s Beyond the Hills (a.k.a. Dupa dealuri) is the patiently observed case history of a tragedy, and it’s sweeping up at Cannes.

The unsolved mystery of the Van Meter Visitor

A new book explores the strange legend of a winged monster that terrorized the town of Van Meter in Iowa over several nights

Bigfoot believers share stories of the legend

Sasquatch enthusiasts gathered at the 2013 Creature Weekend Conference last weekend at the Salt Fork State Park Lodge in Cambridge to swap war stories and draw pictures.

The ghost light on Holston Mountain happened in relatively recent times

In 1959 an airplane crashed on Holston Mountain. Rescuers were guided to the site by what appeared to be a powerful light of some type. A thorough search of the wreckage revealed that no form of light, not so much as a flashlight could be found. Thus locals began to call it the ghost light.

True Accounts of Pregnant Paranormal Activity: Are Some Moms Being Haunted?

Some say the unborn are in a transitional phase between the spirit world and the physical world and may have guardians nearby. Others believe all the senses are heightened, including the sixth sense.

Bigfoot spotted two dozen times in Chattanooga area

on April 24, 40 amateur cryptozoologists met at the expedition site, a 1,000-acre tract of private property abutting a state park. They took along a high-powered audio recorder, a set of night-vision goggles and strong convictions about the creature.

The Unbelievable Mr. Ripley

Before he was a museum namesake, television and radio host, lecturer, author, and freak-show magnate, Robert Ripley was a simple newspaper illustrator with a zest for explaining the impossible. Along the way to international fame, he accumulated knowledge of thousands of oddities, girlfriends from around the world, a curio-stuffed house on a private island—and who could forget that dried whale penis?

The Mystery of John Titor: Hoax or Time Traveler?

A person named “John Titor” started posting on the Internet one day, claiming to be from the future and predicting the end of the world. Then he suddenly disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Fake ghost photo beyond our Ken

A man searchers his family tree and discovers a strange story about his relation to a photographer and a fake ghost photograph. Now he’s looking for help.

Aztec native Shriver debunks UFO crash at Hart Canyon 

Nothing otherworldly happened in Hart Canyon, says Aztec native Monte Shriver. What a party pooper. Shriver will present his findings on the “other Roswell” at a meeting of the San Juan County Historical Society at the Bloomfield Multicultural Center on Wednesday

Unusual Fire: Dog Bowl Sparks Flames

Firefighters in Santa Rosa said it’s one of the most unusual fire calls they’ve ever had: a fire started because of a dog bowl.

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