Monster Bait Needed: Group Offers Top Dollar to Human Bait in Chupacabra Hunt

Monster Bait Needed: Group Offers Top Dollar to Human Bait in Chupacabra Hunt


Looking for a side job with decent pay, odd hours, and a possible brush with the unexplained? Being paranormal bait might just be the job for you, and there’s at least one group hiring.

The 42 member strong ACAM, or Association of Haunt Mariana, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil has been dealing with all manner of terror inflicted by their own version of the Chupacabra: the menacing Caboclo D’Água, a bizarre monster seen as responsible for the mass deaths of livestock, and has even been blamed for the death of at least four humans.

An illustration of the Caboclo D'Água

An illustration of the Caboclo D’Água

ACAM says the creature resembles the monstrous amalgamation of several animals, with the body of a monkey, legs like a chicken, and head and scales resembling a lizard. It’s believed the creature lives underwater, only coming onto the dry land in order to prey upon helpless victims.


Two years ago, the Caboclo D’Água allegedly killed a young boy, pulling his testicles out as he was swimming in one of the region’s rivers.

Since then, ACAM has been working on a plan to capture the beast once and for all, and settled on a scheme involving a river, a huge metal cage, and a piece of bait. Human bait.

How do you get a person to offer themselves up to a monster? You offer them a thousand bucks a day.

Three brave meat puppets signed up for the initial task, including the editor of a local newspaper, but in the end, the 37 year old Daniel Pinto was hired for the gig, a decision based off his athleticism and generally quick monster hunting abilities.

“He did a resistance test on the spot and was approved,” the team’s Secretary General told Noticias Tested the candidate for two hours and evaluate their attempt to leave the cage. He did very well and was the fastest.”

After signing a waiver exempting ACAM from any wrongdoing should he be maimed, mutilated, or munched on, Pinto is now officially on tap as Chupacabra bait, a task that will result in him eventually being shoved into a cage with a goat and observed from afar for at least 24 hours. If Pinto sees the creature slink out of the waters and approach he and the goat, his job is to wait until the beast is in the cage before escaping through a secret door, trapping the monster and (hopefully) living to tell the tale. For his trouble, he’ll earn a cool grand.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe they lowballed him at a thousand dollars.

The trap is set to be sprung sometime in the near future, possibly as soon as 24 hours. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more.

What do you think of ACAM’s plans to capture the creature stalking Portugal? Would you be human bait for a thousand bucks? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page, on twitter @WhoForted, or in the comments below!


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