Fort Report: UFO Crashes, Bigfoot Harassment, and Paranormal Unity

Fort Report: UFO Crashes, Bigfoot Harassment, and Paranormal Unity


It’s the weekend, oddnauts!

What’s in the latest edition of the Fort Report? I’ve gathered some of the best recent links to tales of Bigfoot terror, Mothman live on stage, elementary school UFO investigations, alien autopsies, and why “paranormal unity” is a load of crap.

Read on, weirdos, and remember: it’s just swamp gas.


UK schools still using staged UFO crashes in curriculum

Kids at the Berrow Church of England Primary School in England’s Somerset county recently investigated wreckage from a crashed alien spacecraft. Sort of.

Bigfoot follows women during night ride

The thought of what she saw gives her the creeps even today, she says. “I believe in them – Bigfoot.”

UFO conference speakers address standing-room-only crowds

The Ozark UFO Conference might have to find a new venue next year, if this past weekend’s attendance at the Inn of the Ozarks was any indication of the future.

Ronald Hutton and the Paradox of Witchcraft

Hutton said “we are the only society that both believes in witchcraft and doesn’t believe in it, and I’d like to keep it that way.”

‘Mothman’ to take center stage

Kids from Point Pleasant, WV have turned their hometown tale of mysterious monsters into a new stage play.. and it looks awesome.

The truth about Area 51

Pop culture movies, TV shows and books have linked this mysterious site in southwestern Nevada — also known as Groom Lake, Dreamland, Home Base, The Box, The Container and other nicknames — with the so-called Roswell UFO Incident, evoking everything from conspiracy theories to a disparaging smirk, but one man claims to know the truth.

Man claims he has proof bigfoot exists

John Reed lives in the mountains of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. His RV was damaged, but it wasn’t in an accident. And it wasn’t the work of vandals. He thinks it was Big Foot. And John claims he has the proof.

Sirius filmmakers release Atacama humanoid sex and age

As the days count down to the premiere of the UFO documentary, Sirius, the filmmakers have announced they will release their findings on the Atacama humanoid, bit by bit. Today they have released the creature’s name, sex, age, and more pictures. They may as well make the creature a Facebook page at this point.

Paraunity really means paradrama

Alex Mastuo takes a hard look at the trend of “paranormal unity” and the ghost hunters who demand it. Turns out, it’s not really such a great idea to pat each other on the back constantly.

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