Recent UFO sighting in Houston Raises Texas UFO Alert Rating

Recent UFO sighting in Houston Raises Texas UFO Alert Rating


An unnamed witness claims to have spotted a UFO this past Sunday the size of half a city block hovering in the skies over his suburban backyard in Huston, Texas.

The reported came in to the MUFON office of a soundless UFO spotted at 3:30 in the AM and was described as large and triangular in shape, but completely colorless aside from the 12 lights stationed all across the body.

The witness claimed to have spotted the craft,“…moving very swiftly from southeast to northeast [Houston] in a straight line,” which he reportedly lost sight of very quickly as it was traveling fast through the night sky.


Texas has been gaining a reputation for unexplained craft lately. In fact, on April 4th 2013 the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) went so far as to change their National UFO ALERT Rating System, giving Texas a UFO rating of 3 and ranking it along with California in the top position with 59 eye-witness encounters for the month of March alone. Following at a close second was Florida with 30 reported instances, and third place going to New York with 26.

No news if others in the Huston area reported seeing the same colorless craft in the night sky on the night of April 7.  MUFON waits for hopeful witnesses to come forward.

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