Butt-Naked Bigfoot: Nudist Gathering Attracts Sasquatch to Oregon Campground

Butt-Naked Bigfoot: Nudist Gathering Attracts Sasquatch to Oregon Campground


Does nudity attract the mighty Sasquatch? Reader “Kim” sends us this story involving nudists, camping, and an encounter with Bigfoot that left a family too petrified to move until dawn.

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My ex returned from a little camping trip one summer morning looking tired and terrified. He and most of the group he was with had spent a large part of the night wide awake and quietly freaking out. I can tell you one thing: he isn’t a very good liar and the others adamantly insisted that this thing happened (except for one, and we’ll get to that). Frankly, if I were going to make up a story, I’d probably avoid some of the atypical details of this account.


There is a rock quarry between Klamath Falls and Ashland (Or.) He went up there with his then girlfriend, his brother, and both of my kids to camp. They had planned to swim but when they got there, met by the foster mother of his brother, there was a large nudist gathering and the nudists were swimming, sunbathing and variously cavorting– you know, just enjoying their clothing-optional lifestyle. That turned into a bit of a fiasco, but that’s different story.

Fast forward to night. All of the nudists have high-tailed it back to town, as it’s way to cold for those shenanigans in the mountains. So, the campers did a little cook out and suchforth as one might imagine. Then they bedded down. I seem to recall that the ex, his gf and my daughter and son were in the tent, while the brother was in the back of the pickup. It had a canopy. They were starting to doze off when they heard something strange. Something was going through the cooler and it reeked. My ex slightly unzipped the tent flap and peered through the gap to see a creature that looked exactly like Bigfoot is usually described, except that it was only about four feet tall. They then took turns peering out of the gap to observe the creature rummaging through all of their stuff. The brother could see it from the window in the pickup canopy but was too scared to look more than once. The whole thing went on for hours, the creature walking around the camp, its fur rubbing against the tent as it passed. It opened the pickup door and took a look around in there, then closed it. It rocked the vehicle a bit, further petrifying the kid in the back.

The thing left a number of times during the night only to return. It seemed to understand that they were in the tent and was circling and circling the tent, touching the fabric as if trying to figure out exactly what it was. My son and ex’s brother were in the back of the pickup and it did push up against the vehicle a number of times as well. They all wanted to leave but were too afraid emerge from the tent since it kept returning and they discussed the fear that if it was a juvenile there might be a parent around that wouldn’t take kindly to anyone annoying it. He still says it was the scariest night of his life.

Now, I wasn’t there, so all I can tell you is what they said. I have no reason to believe they were lying. And as to alternate explanations, I can say that we’ve all lived in the PNW all of our lives and have seen bears. I have to believe they would have known a bear in that close of proximity. So, there you have it. If you want to visit the place where the sighting occurred, one has only to take Dead Indian Road from Ashland going toward Klamath. Just past a place called “Lily Glen” (there’s a sign, I believe as they have horse groups that meet there.) there is a dirt road that goes off to the right and following it a little way in (50 yards, if memory serves) a swimming hole becomes visible on the right side of the road. They camped just back into the woods from the quarry.

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Huge thanks to Kim for sharing her story with us! Do you have a weird story about encounters with high strangeness? Want to share it? I want to hear it! Email me at [email protected], drop us a line on Facebook, or leave your tale in the comments and we might post it in a future update!


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