Small Humanoid Creature Photographed Creeping Texas Gas Plant

Small Humanoid Creature Photographed Creeping Texas Gas Plant


A night worker on the Texas gas lines had to look twice when he noticed a strange, miniature humanoid out of the corner of his eye. When he realized it wasn’t just his imagination playing tricks with him, he quickly snapped a photograph and sent it over to Lon at Phantoms and Monsters (be sure to check his post for the original image, really helps see the scale) with this description:

Nov. 2012 – I was working the night shift on an x-ray crew at a material gas plant. This was around 3 am and there was only four of us in the plant at the time. I took this picture after seeing something swaying side to side out of the corner of my eye. I was in the basket of a man lift coming down when I took the picture. By the time I unhooked my harness to get out of the basket the creature was gone. The police were called and walked premises. The officer told me there were 26 UFO sighting calls throughout that night. If you zoom in you can see the silhouettes of eyes and elongated mouth. I have no doubt of what I believed I seen that night. The other person that saw it with me took off running for the truck.

The odd little creature instantly reminded me of the Duende, the terrifying little gnome that keeps popping up in South America. Has he moved up to Texas? I went ahead and did my own enhancement on the image, and sure enough, it certainly looks like there’s a face there, though even creepier, it looks like the visage of a giant insect if you ask me.


Check out the enhancement below and let us know what you think about the photo. Did the night crew capture something genuinely bizarre, or is it something else? Tweet us @WhoForted, swing by our Facebook page, or leave a message in the comments section below.



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