Double the Terror: Two Headed Shark Discovered in Gulf of Mexico

Double the Terror: Two Headed Shark Discovered in Gulf of Mexico


No, it’s not a new SyFy B-movie.. it’s real. When fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico pulled a shark aboard their ship, they had no idea it was harboring such a menacing secret: a two headed killing machine.

The shark foetus was alive and well in the belly of its mother when she was captured in 2011. The beast has two well-defined heads bearing two individual sets of jaws. Twice the horrible killing power.

After they snapped some photos of the creature, the fishermen tossed the little guy back into the water, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your fear of sharks), he was still too young to have survived outside of his mother and died shortly thereafter.


Researchers wrote an article about the two-headed sea monster in the recently published Journal of Fish Biology, saying they believe that the mutation is due to growing pollution in the Gulf.

Could we be seeing a growing trend of mutated sea creatures in the future? Will they develop a taste for the blood of beach goers? Let us know what you think! Tweet us @WhoForted, drop by our Facebook page, or leave a message in the comments section below.



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