Fort Report: Tea-Disease, Cancer Tarantulas, and Other Scary Rumors

Fort Report: Tea-Disease, Cancer Tarantulas, and Other Scary Rumors


Welcome to the weird weekend, oddnauts!

In today’s edition of the Fort Report, we’ve got loads of the day’s best “scary rumors” like mass animal deaths, carcinogenic spiders, toilet flushing ghosts, and a warning about drinking way too much tea.

Hurry up and devour the day’s links, because you never know when a stray meteor might take you out.


Could an asbestos contaminated tarantula be on the loose?

Asbestos removal experts working in the UK freaked out when they found what they thought was a dead tarantula hiding in the floorboards of a house. They freaked out even more when they realized it was just the spider’s skin. Now the entire town of Cardiff is freaking out because a carcinogenic tarantula may be on the loose.

100 pelicans found dead in Brevard County; cause unknown

Several dozen brown pelicans have been found dead, emaciated, and filled with parasites in Brevard County, Florida in the past two months and officials are baffled as to why.

Too much tea causes rare bone disease

A 47-year-old Michigan woman developed skeletal fluorosis after drinking a pitcher of tea made from at least 100 tea bags every day for 17 years.

There’s some strange going’s on inside Dearhams’ Old Mill Inn

With psychic energy that’s “off the scale”, toilets that flush by themselves, and the ghosts of drowned children running amok, this Dearham, England pub is vying for the title of the area’s most haunted location.

Bigfoot DNA study finds new evidence of human/ape hybridization

The Melba Ketchum DNA saga continues. Through a series of cryptic Facebook posts, Ketchum has stated that another group of independent DNA sequencers have verified her claims that Bigfoot is a hybrid species. Our pal Henry over at GhostTheory wrangles the updates and helps make sense of them.

Gold mining town spooked by ghosts

Surrounded by symbols of the past, Darren Davies researches the history of the Mount Morgan museum and investigates the possibility that spirits or ghosts have taken up residence. Coming soon: Ghost Mine: Oz.

Reports about East Coast meteor flood in, setting off a media scramble

A Friday night flash of light in the skies over the East Coast sparked a rash of meteor sighting reports, followed by a mad dash to track down photos and videos of the event. If only we had as many dashcams as Russia.

Three ‘psychics’ admit fraud; alleged ringleader still going to trial

A family of psychics admitted to grifting millions of dollars worth of losses to multiple victims, and now the ringleader is going to trial on charges of fraud and tax evasion. Good riddance.

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