Fort Report: Penis Snatchers, Terrible Ghost Hunters, and New Galaxies

Fort Report: Penis Snatchers, Terrible Ghost Hunters, and New Galaxies


You guys liked the first edition of The Fort Report, so it’s here to stay! At least until I get sick of writing it..

What’s on tap from the wide world of the weird for March 20th, 2013? New galaxies, terrible ghost hunters, Russian mystery movies, penis snatchers, UFOs, and some shameless self-promotion. Read on for the day’s most obscure news, weirdos!

Previously Unknown Giant Radio Galaxy Discovered by LOFAR

Astronomers have discovered a previously unknown gigantic radio galaxy using the powerful International LOFAR Telescope (ILT).


The Quest of the “Ghost Hunters” is Still Futile, Because Ghosts Still Don’t Exist

In this review of the Season 8 DVD set of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters, Lex Walker argues that each season automatically sucks because they haven’t found a single ghost in eight years. Finding Bigfoot.. take note.

Bigfoot believer shares hairs: ‘I wouldn’t give it up for anything’

Betty Klopp has been holding on to  some very strange keepsakes for the last 45 years. The trinkets? Strands of hair and bits of skin that her parents told her belong to Bigfoot.

New film retells story of Soviet hikers meeting mysterious death

A new film by a Hollywood director has revived a mystery of how a group of Soviet hikers met their grisly deaths on a Russian mountainside in unexplained circumstances more than 50 years ago. If you want to hear more about the Dyatlov Pass Incident, including some rare photographs, we covered the case awhile back.

Unexplained Lights over Idaho’s Treasure Valley

Residents in Star, Idaho saw glowing lights in the sky that resembled a flight formation but did not move. Not much information, but a semi-interesting photo is included.

Africa’s genital-stealing crime wave hits the countryside

Penis snatching is becoming a huge problem in Africa, with witchdoctors able to “steal penises with a handshake”. Travel with care, lest you should be robbed of your manhood.

ETs Exist, Renowned Scientists Say, On ‘Aliens: The Definitive Guide’

On the first installment of “Aliens: The Definitive Guide,” premiering tonight, famed theoretical physicist Michio Kaku is among those who take a strong stand on the biggest questions about the search for intelligent life in the universe.

Who Forted? Editor Greg Newkirk Appears on the Paranormal Podcast

Shameless self promotion, pure and simple. I had the chance to chat with Jim Harold about the allure of the paranormal, Black Eyed Kids, and what it’s like making movies about chasing monsters (with no money). Go give it a listen!

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