Bad Vibrations: Unexplained Tremors Shaking Up South Jersey

Bad Vibrations: Unexplained Tremors Shaking Up South Jersey


Residents of three counties in southern New Jersey are scratching their heads (and hanging their pictures back on the wall) after a strange set of tremors shook the state on Tuesday, rumbles that experts say weren’t earthquakes.

The shakes began around 3PM and continued sporadically over the course of several hours, being felt everywhere from one side of the state to the next.

“I just think it’s weird because some people didn’t feel it and it’s like in random spots, and it’s very spread out,” Egg Harbor Township resident, Oliana Collado told NBC40. “Yeah it was scary, but I’m just glad it wasn’t worse than what it was.”


Some locals believed the tremors could have been caused by a sonic boom, yet both military bases told the media that all of their aircraft were grounded at the time and even if craft were in the air, they wouldn’t have had the ability to cause such a widespread rumble to begin with. Could it have been an earthquake? The US Geological survey says no.

“I don’t think it would be an earthquake, but what could it be? It’s just really odd.”  Bob Mower, a Somers Point resident, told reporters. “There was a rattling of my windows and I felt the house shake just a little bit – it was unusual. It has to be something really big to be witnessed in such a widespread area of South Jersey.”

The mysterious rattling comes at a time when “Mystery Booms” are becoming an all-too-common occurrence across North America, making some wonder if all of these bizarre occurrences might be related, but to what? Some believe the rumbles are tied to a booming (no pun intended) natural gas drilling industry in the area. Others believe the sinister side of HAARP is to blame. One commenter, who claims to be ex-military, believes he has an answer that lies in secret government experiments:

It’s not military air craft, it’s bigger, something the mainstream media will not expose because [of] fear of our government… I know change is happening, these booms are all over the globe.. sinkholes are everywhere.. strange noises out [of] the sky all over the globe. Sonic booms all over, sinkholes.. there is a hole in Antartica that is strictly a no-fly zone and is protected from even being explored.. There’s something about to happen, I spent 4 years in the US Air Force, trust me..

Despite all the theories about strange booms, rattles, and rumbles, one thing remains certain: that they’re still unexplained.

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