Forensic Lab Confirms Paranormal Evidence, Ghost Hunters Claim

Forensic Lab Confirms Paranormal Evidence, Ghost Hunters Claim

Members of GPS believe they have captured definitve proof of the afterlive at the Chattanooga Public Library

Members of GPS believe they have captured definitive proof of the afterlife at a Chattanooga, Tennessee Public Library

Do ghosts exist? A forensics lab in New York thinks so. Or at least, that’s what a group of Tennessee based paranormal investigators claim.

Global Paranormal Services have been delving into a supernatural mystery at their local library for over a year now, and this Friday, they’ll be visiting again to not only continue their investigations, but to unveil evidence of that they say is definitive proof of the afterlife.

As you can imagine, they’re champing at the bit to share their findings.

“Keeping it quiet has been killing us, we’ve seen, heard, and experienced things in the Chattanooga Public Library that we’ve never found before,” ghost hunter Robert Groover, told The Chattanoogan.  “Some of the evidence has been sent to a New York forensic lab and they have confirmed the photos are of a paranormal nature.”


That last line is particularly interesting, isn’t it? If a forensic lab has really stuck it’s neck out and risked it’s credibility to confirm what the GPS team says it has, I can only imagine that this news will be the envy of every ghost hunter to ever swing a K2 meter.

In order to prepare for the big reveal, GPS has released one of their best images, captured on the fourth floor of the library. The photograph, apparently captured with an ultraviolet filter, appears to show a white figure tilted toward the sky, surrounded by an aura of purple light.  Could this be the image confirmed by the lab?

Ghost Hunters claim forensics lab confirms paranormal evidence

As if that wasn’t enough, the team will also be sharing other previously unreleased footage and audio of their evidence during their presentation.

Those interested in attending the big reveal can do so this Friday at 1001 Broad Street in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. The presentation is expected to begin at 7PM. If there are any readers in the area who plan on checking it out, we’d love to hear from you.

So, what do you make of the photo? Did Global Paranormal Services capture legitimate, forensics lab certified evidence of phantoms haunting the Chattanooga library? We want to know what you think. Tweet us @WhoForted, swing by our official Facebook page, or engage us in the comments below.


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