Reader Mail: "Probably the Best Image Since the Patterson-Gimlin Film!"

Reader Mail: “Probably the Best Image Since the Patterson-Gimlin Film!”

Way back in August, we broke a story that involved a very intriguing photograph pulled from an Alberta trail cam. The photo, which appeared to show a large, bulky primate lounging in an open field, sparked a huge debate on the internet, and within days of posting ended up being a feature on just about every Bigfoot research blog out there (google “Alberta trailcam Bigfoot” to see for yourself). We never did get any more information about the photograph.

Today we received an email from Michael, who took the time to lighten the image up a bit for the sake of detail, and offer his own opinion.

Hi Greg, (or whoever),

I’m a 76 year Englishman, living in Birmingham U.K. I’m a Bigfoot believer!


I’ve just accessed your site, with its very interesting photo of ‘something’”!

This IS a clear photo… except that it is too dark to see much detail.. so I did what I normally do with photos and used ‘Irfanview’ image editor, to lighten and sharpen it.

After doing so, it becomes clearer. Clearer enough to judge, that it is NOT a bear. For me, it is clearly a ‘Hominid’ i.e. a creature with two arms and legs, as we have. It is (unfortunately) sitting ‘facing away from camera’. Leaning back on its left arm (big) with LONG hair hanging all around the shoulders and back. Its right arm and hand is in its lap – or in front of it. Its right leg is bent up and is visible, in front of it, just as we do it. (covered in black/dark hair)

This is either ‘Bigfoot’, or a man in a suit. I think its Bigfoot! Great photo! Probably the best image since the P.G. film!

It would be interesting to ask the woman, who claims she knows the photographer, to give more detail.

I attached the ‘lightened’ version.

Thanks for the email, Michael!

So what do you think? Does the digital enhancement shed more light on this photo? Is it a Bigfoot? Is it a bear? Is it a man in a suit? We want to know! Share your stories with us on twitter @WeirdHQ, at our brand spankin’ new Facebook page, or in the comments below.


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