New UFO Themed Suite at Sweden's ICEHOTEL is Out of This World

New UFO Themed Suite at Sweden’s ICEHOTEL is Out of This World

While you might never (thankfully?) have the experience of being abducted by aliens, with a ticket to Sweden and some long underwear, you can sleep over in ICEHOTEL‘s latest designer art-suite centered around UFO’s, which should be almost as weird.. The project is called “Beam Me Up” and is the second project by the dynamic duo Christian Strömqvist and  Karl-Johan Ekeroth.

“In the suite, the visitors should feel like they are a part of a story, that something is going on around them and that they are involved. The whole room becomes a stage, where the visitor is the actor.”

The crystal clear “beams” were carved from blocks of ice pulled from the Torne River, a place that the duo suggests has “the clearest ice in the world”.

“The room invites the visitors to participate not only by it’s visual design, but also by letting them partially enter one of the beams to get beamed up, or by lying down in the lit up and hovering bed.”


No word yet on whether the “participation” includes complimentary anal probes.

Check out some images of the beautiful installation below:


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