Too Cold for Crop Circles, "Snow Circles" Appear in Connecticut

Too Cold for Crop Circles, “Snow Circles” Appear in Connecticut

Thanks to the film Signs, most people, even those without interests into the fringe, fortean, and Ufological have at least a cursory knowledge of crop circles and their designs. While it might still be far too cold for there to be any crops in Connecticut, they still got the circles.. in the snow.

Residents of New Haven first noticed the patterns appear downtown early this morning, but not very many of the locals were too impressed.

“I think it’s somebody who has a lot of time on their hands, so they decided to have some fun in the snow,” Gloria Caprio told WFSB Channel 3. Even internationally recognized crop circle detective and author of Circular Evidence Colin Andrews took the time to check out the strange symbols.

“The lack of symmetry, which I have seen around the world with regard to crop circles isn’t here. The spiral symmetry from an elevated position lacks preciseness,” he said with a very authoritative British accent.


Apparently, Andrews has investigated Snow Circles in the Netherlands, but claims that the largest photographed snow circle was actually photographed outside of MIT in Boston in 1993. You can check out the photograph of that formation here, but be forewarned: it lacks symmetry.

You can scope out the full Channel 3 piece on the Connecticut Snow Circles at Fox5 Vegas.


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