Korean Man Claims His Dog Birthed a Kitten

Korean Man Claims His Dog Birthed a Kitten

Here’s one you don’t hear every day. A man in Korea claims that his dog has given birth to a kitten.

63 year old Jeong Pyong-bong told reporters that his dog, which he stated really liked felines (“she got up to some mischief with the alley cats”), got pregnant in May after disappearing for nights at a time. Just last week, the dog gave birth to a litter of puppies.. and one kitten.

“It’s quite true. This is a miracle,” he told the Yonhap News. “After the little animal was born I stared at it in disbelief. It looked like a cat and was meowing like a cat. So how can it be a puppy? People from all over town have been calling at my house to have a look as the news has spread.”

In an sound bite than I’m sure insulted the man’s life work, Professor Son Chang-ho of the Chonnnam National University College of Veterinary Science said that no, a dog cannot give birth to a cat.


The number and trait of chromosomes in canines and felines are completely different. It is possible that this is a puppy that just looks like a kitten.

He actually had to say that to someone with a microphone.

The word is that the “kitten” is probably just a puppy with some slight deformations. Nothing life threatening, but enough to shorten the snout a bit. It certainly doesn’t make the little bugger any less cute. Who knows, this pitten/kuppy could be the first of a new breed of dog ready to win the hearts of pet owners worldwide in a decade or two. You heard it here first.

Would you buy one?

Unsurprisingly, the details on this one are pretty spotty, but if you want to dig a little deeper, you can visit the Korea Herald.


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