Kentucky Man Digs Up Dead Father, Media Mysteriously Changes the Narrative

Kentucky Man Cites “Secret Truth” and Digs Up Dead Father, Media Mysteriously Changes the Narrative

michaelmay grave digging

There’s a good chance you’ve seen the report about a guy who dug up his dead father “to argue with him”. Well, here’s something interesting: he never said that, and the whole bit about doing it “to argue” isn’t in anywhere in the original report. In fact, his actual reasoning is even creepier, twice so because the media mysteriously decided to make up a different excuse.

Police say that they discovered a man in the processing of digging up his late father’s grave in the Pilot Baptist Cemetery near Stanford, Kentucky on Monday night, and when the story began making the rounds, the news pieces were all saying that he’d done it “to argue” with the dead man. But the original news report tells a different story that seems more in line with True Detective than World’s Dumbest Criminals.

Lincoln County Constable, Delbert Mitchell told LEX18 News that he noticed a truck parked near the church after hours and stopped to investigate, only to find Michael May, 44, shouting Bible verses as he dug at his father’s 30-year-old grave.


“I went back and hollered for him to step back in the light and he told me to step back to the dark. That’s when I went and got my flashlight. He started hollering out [Bible] verses at me,” Constable Mitchell said. “He told me he was trying to dig his dad up, so his dad could go to Heaven.”

pilot baptist church in kentucky

May’s friends, including the arresting officer, say that he’s not himself. When questioned by reporters, May claimed that he knew a secret truth and would probably head back to keep digging when released from jail.

“I see the truth.. he needs to be on the ground. Not under it,” May told Lex18. “If the truth doesn’t come out and nobody sees the truth, yeah I’ll do it again.”

May was charged with violating a grave, public intoxication and possession of marijuana, and is due in court on Monday. No word on what that “secret truth” is yet, but the real mystery is why all the subsequent reports decided to change the narrative.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted on any rumblings from the old gods, reanimated corpses, or the opening of Carcosa.

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