Paranormal Problems Plague Police

Paranormal Problems Plague Police

Police are tired of wasting their time on "bonkers" reports of Werewolves, Bigfoot, and UFOs

Police officers in Wales spent a shocking 240 hours this year on inquires into the strange and the supernatural due to the Freedom of Information Act. Turns out the officers are required to spend 18 hours of research into every strange subject when information or questions are requested by the public.

Some of those questions included: “has there been a recorded trace of Bigfoot in Wales?”, “how many sightings of zombies have you had?” , and “what are the recorded star signs of car thieves?”

Apparently these inquires have become cumbersome and time consuming, and as far as local Tory MP Simon Heart is concerned, “…it is being abused by people making vexatious, petty, and sometimes downright bonkers requests.”

He says that now, but we’ll see who changes their tune when the Martians finally invade.


For the full story, head over to The Sun. Thanks to Tony Hart-Wilden for the tip.


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