Curious Backyard Excavation Digs Up Questions; Can You Help?

Curious Backyard Excavation Digs Up Questions; Can You Help?

The odd stone face dug up in the McIntyre's yard last June.

Do you recognize this strange head? If you do, there’s a few people in the UK who’d like to speak with you.

A couple in Lanarkshire, Scotland were doing a bit of digging in the backyard last June, and were surprised to pull up something unexpected: an ugly, and very old, stone head.

Rosalind McIntyre, told Fife Today that she hadn’t realized what it was, tossing it out of the way until her husband Donald pointed out that the large rock appeared to have a face.

“Our sons took it to a museum in St Andrews and the people there were astonished — they said they thought it was very, very old. They then sent it around various places but no-one could find out anything about it, although Historic Scotland are still looking into it.”


The pair may have not had any luck identifying the stone totem, but they’re hoping that some some knowledgeable internet sleuths might be able to lend a hand.

So, anyone have any guesses?


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