Clairvoyant Women Perform "Psychic Credit Checks" For Wary New York Landlords

Clairvoyant Women Perform “Psychic Credit Checks” For Wary New York Landlords

Joan Baker, owner of "Psychic Credit Chicks", wants to check your credit with her powers of psychic intuition.

Two enterprising ladies from New York, NY want to handle your tenant management duties… with their psychic powers.

Joan Baker, a 33 year old freelance property manager, often performs what she calls “psychic credit checks” for landlords in the New York area who are uncertain about prospective tenants when a simple FICO score isn’t enough.

She told the New York Times that she knows that “anyone can tell if someone’s crazy”, but that quite often, most of her applicants require a more in depth reading.

“It’s more than just a hunch about somebody,” she said. “It’s a physical reaction you get, where you can almost see what’s going to happen once they move in.”


Baker, who calls herself a “devout skeptic”, often relies on help from her friend Nancy Faith Annello, a comedian and 20 year veteran of astrology.

“I’ll give Nancy the tenant’s birth date and she’ll light some candles and do a tarot-card reading. I’m indulgent and think it’s cute, but it’s also an opportunity to mull over the decision with someone else.”

“We call ourselves the psychic credit chicks,” she said.

The duo have recently launched a website offering their clairvoyant services in background checks, renovation, rent collection, and leasing, to name a few. But the best part of their company is the slogan:

There is one born every minute, don’t be one of them. When you really need to know, rely on Psychic Credit Chicks.

Having already interviewed 60 to 70 clients, she claims to have been wrong about her instincts only twice, a pretty amazing track record for any psychic.

“I know how flaky and stupid it sounds, saying you have psychic abilities,” she said. “Like I must be a crazy cat lady or something.”

Still, there are others, such as Episcopalian priest Frank Morales, who would explain her wonderful track record on something less than mysterious.

“(She) possesses something rare in the world of New York City landlords and superintendents — namely, heart and soul. She treats tenants as people, rather than as objects to be manipulated for their rent.”

The question of whether or not Joan Bayer’s stellar intuition is the result of clairvoyant super powers is up for debate, but with property owners lining up to request her services, one can’t deny her powers of marketing suave.

After all, there’s a sucker born every minute.


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