Experience the World's Most Haunted Items at this Special 3-Night Event

Get Up-Close and Personal with the World’s Most Haunted Items at this Special Three-Night Event


If you’re looking for a spooky way to get into spirit of Halloween, a very special three-night event in Waverly, New York is shaping up to one of the most effective ways to get your supernatural thrills this fall. Featuring up-close looks at some of the world’s most haunted, cursed, and paranormally-active artifacts, including rarely-seen evidence collected from some of the most famous hauntings in history, The Ghost Hunters Return is sure to scare you silly.

The Ghost Hunters Return to the Waverly Storefront Theater is an evening of chilling tales, paranormal evidence, and real haunted objects that you can see – and even touch – for yourself. The annual show, put on by Extreme Paranormal‘s Jason Gowin, has been delivering goosebumps to sold-out crowds for nine years, and this year is shaping up to be the scariest yet.

jason-gowin-waverly-theaterExtreme Paranormal’s Jason Gowin | Via Carolina Ghostbusters


Gowin will be delving into some of the strangest cases he’s worked on as a paranormal investigator, as well as highlighting rare, unseen evidence from famous hauntings like The Amityville Horror. Joining him this year will be the curators of The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, Greg Newkirk (that’s me!) and Dana Matthews, who will be bringing some of their most paranormally-active haunted objects with them.

The Idol of Nightmares:

The Idol of Nightmares

This mysterious African statue has a nasty habit of causing terrifying nightmares for those that dare hold it. Hear the strange voices recorded during the many EVP sessions conducted with the artifact, learn the history of the piece, and take part in a live experiment featuring the idol.

Ruby the Haunted Doll:


This sad object haunted by a spirit believed to be the young girl who once owned it. Discover how Ruby has affected those in possession of the doll and why not all haunted objects need to be feared. You’ll even have the opportunity to hold Ruby for yourself.

The Dark Mirror:


This cursed scrying mirror shows terrible visions to those who gaze into its black depths. Hear about the most frightening encounters with the object, and if you’re brave enough, even stare deeply into the Dark Mirror on your own.

The Crone:


One of the few pieces that visitors are unable to handle for themselves, The Crone’s history of physical harm makes it the most terrifying artifact in the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult. See the paranormal evidence so weird we’ve never released it.

The Amityville Plank:


See an actual wooden board from the pop culture’s most horrifying haunted house. For the first time, hear the strange voices recorded during paranormal experiments with the plank, see the ghostly figures that have manifested in photos of the piece, and get up close and personal with The Amityville Horror for yourself.

And a few surprises..

Additionally, the show will include never-before-seen looks into the evidence archives of the world’s only mobile paranormal museum, offering rare glimpses of the haunted objects under surveillance, anomalous photos from museum attendees, and terrifying audio recordings from the other side.

DanaGregMuseumPROMO1 copyParanormal Museum curators Dana Matthews and Greg Newkirk

The show comes to the Waverly Storefront Theater on September 30 at 7:00PM, and runs each night until October 2nd. Tickets are just fifteen bucks, and seats are limited, so be sure to reserve them early by calling (607) 731-9765. The show will sell out. For more information, check out the official event page.

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